The emotions of spirit beings

From 6/12/11

What type of emotions do spirit beings experience?

There are beings of light who cannot experience emotion as you would interpret it on your plane of current existence. There are many who simply interpret a vibration, or a color, or who have none of these and may only communicate, though communication is through various means, there is no emotion as you understand it now on your current plane of existence. It is necessary and often required to experience these emotions but there is an area of development where a new type of external interpretation is used rather than the style and workings of those you current experience. Many do not feel with the same methods and senses of measurement that your body or spirit uses now. To fully understand what is being written now it is important to know that there is much more that is interpreted on your plane by emotion than on the plane you will experience after physical death. The type of communication that is often used is not necessarily through that of verbal communication where verbal inflection is used and emotions, no matter what stage of development, are used to express and interpret information passed between beings. There is joy because of the vibration of the energy. You equate many things with crating and brining joy but the true reason; even in your current lifetime, that you experience joy is because of the vibration, the measurement of the energy within the action, this is what causes joy. It is this form that beings without a true physical existence, that of being only pure energy, this is the manner in which they experience your reference of emotions. It is important to understand that when you return to your true plane of existence that you are not becoming a lifeless or uninterested being, your are not a robot. You are not a robot, you have the same type of interpretations and expressions that you do now in terms of feeling joy, sorrow, sadness, and others, but the way in which they are received is much different as they are not judged by your methods now such as voice inflection or physical expression of the sender or receiver. These are not necessary for you once you leave your physical body now. Often these experiences, for those of the spirit, the non-physical entity, these experiences are much stronger and would be overwhelming in your current state. Because of the vibration or measurement and type of energy associated with the action or thought and because you do not have a physical body or lower vibration, there is much that is received by you that is absorbed by outside objects. You are clearly experience emotion or though when you are out of your physical body. There are no misinterpretations of words or actions because the true meaning, that which you might currently say is the underlying reason or purpose for an action, this can be felt by those beings involved. Therefore all actions are immediately perceived by what they are truly expressing. Truly expressing your emotions is not entirely the same method by which you do not, through physical outlets and methods. To a being without a human form in a physical existence, these might be compared to your aura or the visible energy that radiates from your boy on this plane. Your emotions, your state of being when you are on the energy side of your true existence; these are visible at all times. This may leave many feeling vulnerable, believing that they must always be protected. You are always protected but not in the sense of the human form where you may feel it necessary to protect yourself for the hate or perceived misguided actions of others. When you return to your home you are not included with all beings. Those who are more in line with your actions or beliefs, you may consider them to have the same foundation, or guiding principles as you, those who hare approximately at the same point in their existence or development, these are who you are surrounded by. There is no need for protection from negative, or what is perceived as negative, because there is no extreme range of negativity and positive actions, by comparison.

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