Ghosts and how this is all temporary

Can all spirits who are here, who are stuck here and “haunt,” do they have the ability to move on to what we call the after-life?

Yes, though not all choose to experience it. Some are here much later than we expected them and much later than they originally anticipated. It is of utmost importance that you return, there is no gain in attachment to the physical plane. It can all be gone and lost in an instant. It is just a tool by which we all learn while in this phase of development. Many wish to increase their so-called power and the method in which they conduct themselves is through the power of fear. All things are energy, energy and actions are combined and energy is how they survive. While not all are though attachment many will fear what comes next for them. This is not fear with true cause. This is fear by what has been gained and learned on your current plane. What you experience as fear in regards to these areas are man-made. Fear should prevent you from falling off a cliff but not from experiencing the majestic view it has to offer. Proper adjustment to all things in life, though what Is proper for one is not proper for another. It is important to know that all things are temporary. Even those thoughts and ideals that you take with you to the next lifetime, they can be changed in an instant. It is possible for you to change your mind, it is possible for all to change their mind. What was once a conviction can be changed and new ideals held true for that spirit. All things are temporary. Fear is not a truly useful emotion in regards to what is unseen and what will be experienced later. Your future, what any one experiences beyond the present moment, it is an experience. It is not a frightening mystery.

Spirits or entities that are “stuck” here in this plane, how can we help them move on or stop what some consider “haunting?”

There is no time for the entity to be concerned with what type of information you have to bring to it. There is no directly offer of assistance or energy that can be afforded in all cases and result in the ability to move the spirit forward. Al in existence have the ability to change their mind but all most do so willingly of their own accord. It is important to understand that in all phases, on all levels, that which is similar seeks out similar. It is also true that if energy is produced into an area that energy, in some way or fashion, will be used. Remembering these things you can know what is there with you in a specific case. If it is similar to you it may provide some insight to know that, to know that you are of no harm. If it is dissimilar you may be feeding the entity the very life-energy it needs. While nothing you do may guarantee anything move from one dimension to the next you do not necessarily need to feed it. Any while animal will return to you if you continue to supply a food source, if you remove a food source the animal will not return. It is important to know that you are very capable of changing your vibration, you are capable, all are capable of changing their vibration, you can make yourself dissimilar. You can be of love and peace of your own accord, it does not always require the other party to change, asking another soul to change is like telling the water to freeze without a true mechanism to do so, except in the case of the soul, you can not act upon it no matter your mechanism. Whatever you enact upon it will be experienced of its own accord. You know these things, many know these things. It is not the easy-way-out to say that you should simply change yourself, but no spirit, or person, or anything every created in any space shall every change unless it chooses to do so. No matter what their state of being, rocks shall not change they shall only experience the energy enacted upon them. You specifically can use your skill to gain insight into their mysteries and each specific situation will be unique and specific to that situation. It is not important to know when exactly these situations began, possibly each entity will give you an indication why it is present or what it desires. Some harbor so much hate and anger that they wish nothing for what once held them to this place. It would take much effort, passive and peaceful effort to return their thinking to what it once was at the time of their release from their physical body. Patience and protection on your part is necessary.


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