Is there a purpose in circumcision? Why was it started as a regular practice? What causes it to still be in practice today? Does it have a current purpose?

There is no purpose for this. There was not some divine purpose. It was started as a means to exert control on the masses. As a means of homage, as a means of a king carrying out control on his people. Acting as though it were some divine purpose and method of reaming true and pure, it was only carried out by him and enacted as a way for him to ask his people to obey him. The practice was cloaked in religious mystery but that was not the true purpose. There is no true purpose. It is truly considered barbaric. You arrive in this place with your complete body, through various lessons and actions intended and through free will, you will arrive at the end of your physical existence with or without various physical traits, additions, or subtractions. This is through the choice of free will that this practice exists. There are many things that are practiced that are simply done so without true purpose or benefit. Many things are carried out by men only because the men, or people, before them, carried out the same act. It is time to stop practices that offer no true value, the argument of circumcision, or not (circumcision), is not one that is readily viewed by this side as an argument with two important sides and equally important view points. There are many other things that need to happen in the lives living on this planet that willfully destroying a part of the male body is not an item that should carry such debate with it. There is no need for it to happen. Those that are used to one or the other are used to it because that is their norm, that is their normal practice within their sphere. There is no need to continue to carry this out. Please cease. There are many who use religious purpose for it to be carried out. In time, this practice too will cease. It is important for you to know that many things carried out in the name of religion are no different than the items carried out because society says so. They are impermanent, they may take longer to take on a new idea, a new modern method of thinking, but change will come. There are always those who break away. The problem becomes that the one who leaves societal thinking or religious thinking is at first viewed as the outcast, and the person who has fallen out of grace or the person refusing to allow the system to work. Do not view these people in this manner. While some people will have problems or lessons in their lifetime no matter what groups they are part of, many are simply leading a trail that before did not exist, making it easier for others to follow in the future. Peace be to all no matter your affiliation. It does not take a higher being placing fear into your mind in order for good and peace to be expressed and experienced and shared by all.

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