Missing Malaysian plane, an answer but not a direct answer

What happened to the missing Malaysian passenger plane and where is it now? Will it be located? Are the passengers alive?

There are many passengers still on this plane. Many have not been allowed to leave. Many have suffered. There is a great, as you will call, conspiracy regarding these events and those that will follow. Much of what is on the plane was never disclosed to anyone involved with the it, the pilots are unaware of their cargo. Many passengers on the flight have flown under assumed names and are therefore not as interesting on paper or as important as anyone would believe they are, even once their true identity is learned their importance is only relevant to a few small groups of people. It is important for you to learn now that there are many actions taken by governments all over the world that you are not acts carried out by terrorists. They paint pictures for you that terrorism is something outside the government, that is is an act by a group of individuals who wish to undo the government or bring it down. More often than now, many terrorist acts, as deemed so by the public relations person and the media, is an act to legitimize some other action or purpose by the government. Gone are the days of the protector, the shelterer, there are many small autonomous persons, groups, and countries, that still provide this, but many larger governments are conducting themselves in an effort to legitimize some specific action that their populations will see. It is important to know that not all who experience such horrific things suffer. They are not at a loss because they chose to exit this lifetime in such a manner. Their purpose, in many cases, generally speaking, is to call your attention to these actions taken by governments. Simply because a government is full of suits and ties does not make them less sophisticated in psychological warfare compared to a government who is tribal in nature or appearing less civilized. You shall learn that many things that call your attention do so because of life involved. There are many who complaint from the comfort of their armchair, but they are not of action, the loss of life will gather more attention and make the necessary actions come to being. The same actions or intentions would not be as motivating, there would not be nearly the attention placed on the lesson if there was not some sort of tragic loss. Many people are drawn to what immediately impacts their life, others are drawn by life in general, the loss of it makes ready their true purpose and their focus. Many on your plane are resting comfortably and live in a tiny bubble, this is not to say that we judge or criticize, it is an area they have chosen to congregate and live because they live passively, they live as through their bubble, passive interests, that this is the only way. Nothing should enter your mind, use your time, or occupy your thoughts unless you actively engage in it. Actively think, form thoughts and ideas based on what you truly feel and believe, not simply what other groups have told you to believe. Think critically of all things. Be active in your pursuits. There are some who will read this and believe that we mean exercise and be physical, and while this may be true for some, we simply mean do not become your world’s couch potato with fewer and fewer original thoughts in your mind as the days progress. It is in your interest in any lifetime to willingly participate, not simply watching television, mindlessly toiling at a career, and following routines set forth by generations before you as the normal practice. It does not take a special purpose to create something special, to cause a movement, to create the next generations way of thinking, to become a catalyst. Everyone who reads this is capable, anyone in existence is capable of sharing and motivating, creating change, and making action. Some are predestined, they were determined to cause certain actions before their arrival, it is important to know that no matter your mission or purpose it can be changed, you can change. This sense of permanence should be forgotten. Nothing is fixed in stone, not ideas, not labors, not views held by all of society. All things will change and come to pass, and new will come into being. Complaints not followed by action, true productive action, are those of the passive and uninterested. They are not wasting their lives but they are not living to potential. All actions mean different things to different people, but there are all of us living, in any existence, who watch and wait for a switch to be flipped in many minds, but many minds continue to spend their time on fruitless efforts and endeavors, their minds consumed with lifeless thoughts and actions. It is time to let go and move forward. Create action. This does not mean violently protest. We are simply calling attention to the passive manner in which many live. It is important to engage your world, you are living in it, care for the earth, care for your mind. Tend to it as you would a garden, physical and psychological. It is important for you to understand that not mending fences lets the livestock wander. Mend your fences and actively pursue thoughts actions, and energies which engage your mind. Many actions are experienced by a few, many actions are experienced by many. There are times when some will engage in actions, and because of your technology, all will have excess to experience it, this is not their plan. Simply because you can read about an event, or watch it happen, or read it on a computer, this does not mean that the action was ever intended for you, to cause thought. There will be many who this is exactly for. The key to learning this, knowing what is for you and knowing what is not, is ti live actively, not passively allowing things to enter your mind simply because you want to be informed on all events. It is not necessary to be informed on all events. Listen to what speaks to your heart, not your emotional heart alone, but your true self, the being the will live through all time, space, and existence. It is important to purposefully live, to love others, and live with action and intent. Time can be used to allow you to relax, we do not mean that you must live every moment with purpose, there are times to recharge, relax, and to allow your mind to wander, but there are many who live as though they were sent here for no purpose. Sent here to eat food, buy merchandise, and watch screens that offer no value. Value is from any object, even the screens, when you live actively and engage your world with purpose. It is not to worry or frighten you. We are here for you, we want to help you succeed, to motivate, we all achieve when there are others who reach high planes in many varieties of that word. It is time for peace, not frivolous fighting over differences that are created by those in control of media and politics simply to create a method to make you believe they are keeping you more secure. There are no boarders on a true map. You are arguing over land, it is all land, it belongs to everyone. You cannot see true boarders in a land. You build walls out of fear. Greater peace comes from fewer walls. There will be times of turmoil but they shall pass, there shall be greater peace when more peaceful means are used to attain them. Cease hostility, cease hate and anger. You can prepare yourselves to help one another by living actively, not idly filling your mind with what news you see because you think you need to be informed. Be patient and share peace.

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