Message for today

From my guide Constantine:

Peace and love. If you work on nothin else. By working to express these things, not in some sort of idealized fashion where we all share hugs all day long, but in a more rationalized sense. Realize that you are all together. You are all connected. In a small sense, in the same way that all sea life is connected by water, all life, all energy, all things animate and inanimate are connected and learn, teach, grow, and experience together. Love of self is important. Not simply self-esteem because you are told you should have it. There is not a universal measuring rod for any of this. No two people will experience the same or will have reached the same finish line and feel as though they are in the same place. All thugs are relative to your life and to what it is you will and want to experience. Life is not simply a mundane task, many experience it this way because they feel locked in to current cycles. Change is possible in the smallest and largest of moments at all points in time. Dwell on what you desire your positive outcome to be. Be aware that positive for some is not positive for all. The only constant in any world is the ability for change. It will happen, you can bring it forward, it is inevitable. Simply because your name is not in a headline in a newspaper does not mean that you haven’t or will not achieve, accomplish, or have an impact.

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