About a group of spirit guides

Prior to today I have been given information for myself and other people from a group who identify themselves as Elyophony, Elophiny, various spellings. You can find some of it here. In a reading several years ago I was told I have a group of alien/extraterrestrial guides. Finally asking a little more about them and other things I see on a regular basis.

Are the three shadows I see, the three points of light, my extraterrestrial guides, and the group called Elyophony all related or the same?

These, for you are the same. For many people they are not. As with many things, what one person experiences is not the same, even under the same conditions, for another person. It is possible for others to know and experience things in different ways, for you, this is what works well for you in the present state of things. You will be told more at a later time and will receive more information, endless and untold before. For these guides and beings to communicate with you is something very unique. Often they are unnamed.

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