Development of psychic medium ability

Is it possible to develop any and all forms of mediumship and spirit communication without sitting with a group of others?

A group of others, a group of like-minded individuals, they will support the mission of the individual but still work within the confines and the limitations of the group so that all can be pleased to some moderate degree. The power and limitless expression of the self are boundless, they are your wonderland. An arena for you to express your self and relay information for others is where you will work best. It is important for all to know that development of the self takes place best when considering yourself on it s own. Group development is useful when it achieves the needs of the individual within the group. Do not be swayed simply be be more in line with the group. Find a group that is inline with you and your actions and your winds and your desires. The is only a difference, not a better means in either situation or scenario. What one many can achieve so can many, what one hundred men can achieve so can one. Often times the difference in training is minute, it is what you set your mind to. Guides and spirit workers can multiply energy themselves, it is not always important in the group. This is done within a group but you are not limited if there is no group available to you. There are many who do not have it presented to them, they do not have such an outlet and are capable of such work.


Is it possible to work simultaneously on developing and strengthening different kinds of mediumship?

It is possible, though as with any multitasking, the achievement of all goals is slowed because the light is spread between so many projects. It is more effortlessly achieved when you direct focus and attention on one project and reach it. This is not to say, as in the above situation, that it cannot be done nor achieved, also forms of communication and skill can be maintained, and are to be maintained in this way, through development class or preparing and maintaining yourself in the same way. Many things can be achieved, to not be limited by information you read and those who put constraints and boundaries. What works well for one does not work well for another in call cases. What cannot be achieved by some specific means for one does not make it impossible for another, nor does it make it impossible for the original one who started the trend in thinking. It is important to have goals, focus on your goals. When you are working on development of any kind, any skill in the world, focus on your goals and skills within that realm. Anything you wish to achieve can be done. You are not bound by any rules which another human being places on you. Achieve all things through great acts, make all acts great.


Am I able to develop all forms of mediumship?

These are things that you have come to accomplish, not simply for accomplishment’s sake but for the sake of those you will encounter and persuade or interact with on some level. It is not necessary for you to impress upon other the way you go about things, they will ask out of curiosity, but just as you have developed your own way of carrying out these rituals, so will they. You did not take to them initially during childhood years. It was not lost to you, you were simply more interested in other areas and were not prepared enough in mind to carry out the things you were to do, you are not late by any measure nor behind on any time line, we are saying these things to you , as Michael has said, planting the seed. Your worlds now could have tremendous impact twenty years from now on someone who many not be overly interested or concerned presently It is important to focus time on these areas but to also focus on studies and maintaining the right state of mind to do so. You are forgetful because you have attempted to forget things in your life which you do not wish to dwell. All experiences are important, the act of sweeping a crumb on the floor is as important as the act of saving a life or helping another who is starving, poor, cold or hungry. Do not dismiss actions or energy, things are very deliberate, there are no planned mistakes or images that appear before your eyes as leftovers from bad and ill creation methods on the Creator’s part. You experience the mundane because that was for you to experience, but also know that you experience what you choose to in nearly all cases. You are capable of changing all things. You have free will. Change is what crates life, nothing is permanent. You are aware of this and have many examples of it in your mind now. These were to prepare you to guide you to give examples, this is true on all levels in all forms of life, any where you look. This is truth. These are things that you must do. Creating peace in your mind, creating peace now, creates peace everlasting.


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