Today’s message

Message from my spirit guides:

There is no time like the present. So much of your days are filled with action that has no intention. All moments bring lessons but so many must be brought to these moments rather than each moment being sought out by the individual. There are times when the energy of a person is stifled. They are a seedling with no water and no sun, but this is often by their own choosing. Many in these situations are feeling depressed, lack self love, and feel as though they have no purpose. These feelings are heir true self trying to break them from heir current patterns and behaviors. Taking pills to cure these alleged problems will never bring the relief they seek. Simple examples of this is that a person must take these alleged medicines for a lifetime in order to remain as healthy as society and modern medicine can deem them. Have faith in yourself, in your ability to solve your problems, your ability to overcome obstacles. Mice can move mountains.

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