Today’s message

Message for today from my spirit guides:

We are all here for he the same purpose. In a sense, research and development. You are not alone on your journey and there are many who experience the same situations. There are many who feel alone, desperation, wandering, you are none of these things. Isolation in terms if events and situations is nothing. There are many experiencing the precise situation that you are in. There are many things that identify the true self and physical being as separate and unique but there are more elements that bind us all together and connect us than divide. Spirituality is not a comic of age movement or some past-time that qualifies all of life with feel-good phrases and meditation. It is what it is because others experience it and express themselves freely in this manner. More to life than all religions is the experience is the single individual. Unique as all of them are, each is connected, free yourself from your current ways of thinking, they are not wrong or untrue, but use this lifetime to see the other thought patterns available to you and emmer we yourself deeply in them.

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