Today’s message

There are always plans. Plans and dreams, it is important to follow plans and dreams but not simply be vise you had them does it make the the superior plan in this plan, nor does it mean that you should not be open to change. It is a great learning experience for you to learn to grasp new things, new ideas, new ways of life. This and many other things are an experience for you, it is the process of learning and experiencing. You may say that another being is experiencing this specific thing and I am not. You may feel as though you should be experiencing it too. It is important for you to discern what is truly for you and truly what is not. Thinking clearly while on this incredible journey is very much the lesson. You may see others from your path, paths may cross, but they do not necessarily merge and become one. Only by thinking for yourself will you arrive at true and conclusive answers that are online with your highest mission. Planning for others is not what anyone can do best. Some serve as examples, other will exist with you on parts of your path, but it is the responsibility of the person walking it to accept new information, change course, go backwards, or move forward in a new direction. Often individuals become lost in the ideas of someone else and learn not how to walk the path on their own.

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