Today’s message

Message for today from my guides:

There is a time to be present in every moment and that time is, and always will be, now. So many take moments for granted. That may not be as correctly stated as it should be. Many do not live fully in each moment they love. They passively exist, letting, quite literally, the sands of time pass through their fingers without a care in the world that it is occurring. We do not mean to say that each moment should cause stress, not slightly so, we mean to express to you that you should fully immerse yourself in each moment. Experience the moment with your senses, your mind, your emotions. Love fully in every moment, live completely in every moment. Let nothing escape you simply because it appears mundane. If this is so, it is quite possibly likely you simply aren’t observing. We say this things often because those that go forward will enter into various periods of deeper understanding by using these moments and opportunities rather than waiting for the large and dramatic explosion that never occurs.

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