Today’s message


Message from my spirit guides:

There is a presence among you that prevents most critical thinking and independent thought. The judgement of others is very critical and hampers a great deal of learning and beneficial activity. Many are hesitant to do many things for many reasons, but often we find reasons when we fear the reaction of others. Their reaction alone may be you lesson in terms of how you shall now operate with ridicule and criticism. Often if it for you to also ignore these exterior emotions and thoughts being projected to you and onto you. It matters not the thinking of others in many of your actions, you are the one that matters. It’s not necessary to ensure your ability to abstain or practice selfish behavior, but a giving and flexible person can only do these things without the balance of focusing on the self while causing an overall imbalance and harm to one’s self. Balance in all things is important. You may rely to heavily on the impression of others or what their impression on you may or may not be. It is important not to dwell where and when in your mind the words or actions of others have harmed you or prevented your true nature because of criticism. It is important to learn and then move forward.

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