Chakras – Physical evidence, purpose, maintenance

Please explain the nature and purpose of the chakras.

The chakra is an energy center. It is the connectedness between your physical body and your true spirit, your true self, your physically immeasurable energy body. The centers connect the two beings as they relate, they disperse energy among the two beings and control and regulate energy through the bodies, between the bodies, around the bodies, and that which comes into and exits the bodies. It is important that these centers remain open for energy reception, physical maladies will manifest if any energy blockage takes place. Energy blocks can occur through emotion and other actions of the mind. This id , simply, because the mind and non-physical body and the actions and thoughts create physical impact or create physical matter. They are the heart center of the body in terms relating to the dispersion and circulation and regulation of energy as it relates to the body.


How can we maintain the chakras in a healthy state while in the physical existence?

The method for maintaining a healthy state in any part of the body, in any part of the existence is to be mindful of it, never neglect it, do what is correct for right action and right health. It is important to say that over active energy centers can present themselves and this is directly related to the actions of the mind as they relate to each specific energy center. Each center operates and oversees the areas directly near it as well as regulates within the chakra system. If there is pain or malady in an area the chakra can be used as the focal point for correction, while it will not directly heal or correct the problem, it will circulate the focused energy or the new idea, or the new program into the area of the body in question. Focusing on the true self and keeping all areas of life in balance. Never too much of A without an equal balance of B would be an over simplified method of explaining this. If you are pouring out your cup of energy without refilling it, without taking time for yourself, you will create a deficit that will pose, first energetic problems, and secondly, physical manifestations as the physical evidence of the imbalance. Review your actions, your thoughts, your emotions, and regulate and promote the possibility of new and different actions due the imbalance, you can create this.


Is there physical evidence of the chakras now?

There is no more physical evidence of the chakras than there is of the true existence that resides independently of the human body. Much of this information is shared in your plane now but it resides outside the scope of your medical practitioners. The evidence will stand for itself and they can be seen, they can be felt, they can be interacted upon by energy, intention, focusing of the mind. They are as evident as is the true spirit form, though there is much work to be done before more of this is open and common knowledge. Working in these areas does not require special degree, learning from those who are experienced may be helpful but you alone are able to help your body, heal your body, and learn from your body. Your physical body will speak to you, it will give you the messages, you need only to be aware of the signs and messages. This message is also true of the energetic body and that body of the true self. There are warnings, there are indications, and there are a multitude of messages. Indications are not simply expressed when there is some negative impact being had, equally important messages and indications are relayed to you, the true self, from your energy and physical body for positive and good actions in reference to health, spirit, emotion, action, and so on. Many times now a pill or medication is taken to override or to quiet these messages. It is not important to treat this signs in such a manner. Listening to these messages before they become excruciating is helpful. Even when the message becomes unbearable your listening and changing direction or redirecting energy can be immediately evident.


Will there be more widely accepted physical evidence of the chakras that modern physical medicine will acknowledge?

They are physically evident now. Those who are capable of feeling the flow of the natural energy of life with their physical body, with their spirit body, can sense these areas over and within the physical body and where they connect to the true self. Presently it is as though a person without the necessary tools is attempting to measure an amount of air though it cannot be seen by the human eye. You can demonstrate it exists and the action it takes and the movement and other impressions placed upon it, but you are not easily able to extract from evidence that air exists. Many in the medical community are in this particular dilemma now. There are no tools used to measure the non-physical self that are used that are widely accepted. Change will need to come from the humans on this plane in the focus on energy on this area before more research is conducted. It is important to be aware of these areas and use them and focus on them no matter the widespread research, the modern principles currently used in medicine are not acknowledging these areas and do more to squash the message and defeat the body’s own mechanisms than to work in alignment with it.

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