Daily channeled message


Message for today from my spirit guides:

There is a spirit among you who does not walk freely along the planes of existence. There are many souls or beings with this problem but it can be achieved by all. Most in your plane turn a blind eye to most true-isms of nature, to your true self, because it was written in religious texts as a method to turn away from your limitless and endless possibility as a being in existence. There are so many trikes that many willingly place on their physical and no physical bodies and minds that they are unaware that they are rules, they assume it is their natural unrestricted state of being they currently exists and they are at the pinnacle of their true form currently in this moment. There is no being that has reached the height of their potential because the true potential of a being is one that expands in all directions without limits of any kind. The mind creates the world in which you live and the method and manner in which you interact with it. Life is more than physical touch. Many will grow behind this but it will be traumatic for this who begin to experience these sensations because they are unknown and because they are against the teachings they have received this far in the world. It is important to go into life without fear. Fear is the greatest suppressor of action, knowledge, experience, lead in the true self, creating a true and unified place of existence for the self and a society in which less focus is placed on differences that are used now as causes for wars. You shall see these things, you reading this, you shall come to see these things and now the nature of these things. To create peace in your mind with yourself and with all things in creation will create a platform for others who follow you. Mountains can be moved in one day’s time with enough effort.

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