Today’s message

There is not much news or wisdom to impart where there is not much action taking place. We cannot share with you the true importance of making progress and growing as a being. Some grow at rates different from others. The rate at which one grows and at which one experiences and consumes life is entirely dependent on the being in the existence. There is much time wasted, though there is not lost experience, in thing yourself to a seat of luxury and mimicking behavior you observe through digital media. It is not necessary to involve electronics in every aspect of a life’s daily activities. Interaction is being had at all times and the mind is working at all times, but even more can be accomplished in each lifetime than what is currently done. You should not ignore the need for idle time and the need to serve the physical self in balance with that of other needs and desires, however, making all of your existence an idle time is not aiding in future development. However, those reading this who view these being should not focus harshly on them, for each will grow beyond their current state once they have accomplished what was necessary in that state. Know that even more can be done than what is done now. Even more of each being was fully present in every moment and actively engaged the moment. You are not at a loss when you compare yourself to others, this is not a comparison for you to make and then judge harshly for yourself unless you truly believe that these things are also for your being. It should be stated that watching and observing others is often as important for education and lessons but only if you use that opportunity for such a purpose. Realize that there is a being also living that experience. Do not judge. That is not your purpose.

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