Living with nature, managing your lawn

What can be done to replace or better manage lawns so as to be less time consuming to maintain, the area put to better use, and the area allowed to be more natural?

This is an area of great concern for many. Though there are many without lawns, many who have nothing but dirt and filth and trash to clutter the areas where the live or work. It is important, as with all nature, to learn the natural mutually beneficial relationship between all forms and that which they can control in nature. It is not necessary to grind down the earth until it can no longer be plowed, so that it is no longer a nuisance. The earth is here for you to protect it, for you to grow from it, for you to reap what you are able and give back all that you can so that it can do the same for others after your lifetime.

It is necessary to know that there is much useable land for various projects that are left to the time consuming but aesthetically pleasing to the human eye for lawns and grasses. These are not the true form of this land, but it is not overly important. For the work to be useful it should make an impact on the land in a way similar in how the land impacts itself. To poison and murder is not the same as the care placed in careful and considered growing techniques and practices.

It is for you to understand that not everyone is in a position to do something different but they are in a position to be educated and come to this in their own time. You are not able to completely understand their point of view but it is important to take the time to share with them the understanding and importance of reaching the understanding. So many do not concern themselves with actions and thoughts beyond the tip of their nose. This is not negativity, this is not some type of scoundrel behavior, they are not aware. They can come to the realization of the earth around them, the relationships in which they engage, and an entire existence beyond what they currently see, but again, many may not for several lifetimes.

In terms of lawn care, and maintenance, and maintaining the status quo, it should be known that you can completely change the status quo. Once the new order of nature has taken place, though it is truly the same nature that would have been seen had man not ripped from the soil that which was in the way, the Jones’ will follow. You should consider for yourself the importance in which any being changes their behavior. Is it important simply that they become more aware of their impact while in a human form or is it simply better to have them embrace a new fad or trend as a simple as any other form of group think. This is where many projects within humanity hinge. The ability to make it easy to accomplish for those who will not otherwise follow a new thinking or express their own ideas regarding it, and the ability to educate and allow the change to happen of their own free will, willingly, willingly they change.

Not all is possible, but the subtle impact of a few will swell to outrageous numbers once any idea is begun, all that is needed is time. Your lawn consumes your time, the method in which it is cared for, in which any grass space is cared for could simply be left to natures devices. It is possible to live within an area, your living space cut from it and surrounding area for living, and the rest left for natural habitat or food production. Many things conducted for aesthetics are purely wasted time for some, others enjoy the total production of achieving something they believe to be worthwhile.

There is not some deep and connected answer for why each being conducts themselves in the manner in which they do, it is their reasoning, their own methods. They should not be judged. There are other ways to view their behavior, methods in which you can lesson their impact, but do not judge those who do not change or grow in any area of life.

Grass is always greener in oblivion, learning how to share that with those in your presence is important, it emphasizes the release of control, though it may present as shear laziness in other cases. Importance is in the nature of life itself and your interaction with it. It should not be feared, the only outcome you can control is that which is left for your free will to decide.

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