Today’s channeled message

There is only peace possibly when peaceful means are your methods. Only peace by such a means is everlasting. Any other method shall fall once the oppressed forces are able to achieve power once again. Forcing the will of a group onto the free will of another group is not a method for true peace. To uproot culture, to uproot and demolish individual ideas, to argue points often invalid on both sides, this is not peace. This practices plant the seeds of turmoil for later generations. Such is also the case in disagreements between two people. Practicing healthy disagreements is not necessarily beneficial. Exercising your ability to express your opinion while remaining open to new ideas and methods will carry you forward. Many on your plane are stuck only in the first idea to ever strike them, never growing beyond what was initially learned. Change and growth can only occur when the being is ready and growing in the pocketbook is not ideal.

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