The possibility of no law enforcement organizations requires action by those seeking and capable of peace

What would happen without the organized police that cities and nations now have? What would take place if they were abolished?

There would, at first, be great chaos and disharmony. There are many who see them as oppressive, but they see them in this way in varying reasons. There would be volunteer organizations that would take place. There would be many who would rise to power in small groups because they offer protection to many, but it is important to say that it is only the illusion of protection that anyone or any system provides. It is universal to want safety and comfort and protection from all things, natural and man-made, but there are many things that external protection will not provide. The protection and safety and comfort shall come from within. From abolishing fears and doubts, small and great, within the mind, these shall afford you the greatest comfort and security. There are fears present, many who go with the fears of others as their first instinct, not the natural instinct they are born with in physical form, nor the instinct of their true self. There are many division of populations because of fear. Those labeled as different from one’s self causes fear, because as you have heard, you fear what you do not understand. It takes time to learn from our neighbors, to understand them, to experience them, to learn that because they appear different, because they sound different, because they practice different customs or live in different homes, they are living no different lives from your own. The fear created by mass hysteria, group think, and those contributing to public uprising in the sense of the mind, use these ideas and inject them into life in order to exert further control over populations and use these thoughts and ideas as justifications for political actions such as wars, giving aid, not providing aid, trade agreements, creating hidden alliances and others.

The first step after no public or private law enforcement is for those experiencing it to realize that there is not a need for external justification for their actions. To learn that there is no need for some outside enforcement, nor is there the need to roll ideas onto other populations, other people, other beings, other forms in nature, by force. Willful ignorance may describe the minds of many now, many are capable of living in harmony without a law enforcing agency, but it would take time, and there would need to be greater action and interjection by those who are for peace and for harmony or the world would descend into chaos in terms of rules and laws created by fear and hate and the method in which they were carried out.

Smaller areas, smaller groups of people could begin this process. They could, and now are quite capable, of living without a widespread established law enforcement system. In these areas there is much that is accepted as universal. The laws regarding murder, theft, deception – these things are true and the people understand them. Children are educated in them. There is much in the community that depends on the individual and much depends on the group. Each designation is able to care for itself in this manner both dependent and independent of the other.

There is not a need for a universal leader. There can be those who provide structure for establishing lists of projects that need to be completed once groups decide on group action. There is no need for supreme leadership of man over man. A structure, a simple framework can be devised, to establish a method for ideas and their acceptance. It is not necessary that wide sweeping laws be established across entire lands. Each state or providence or township can enact or follow or believe entirely different ideas. The conflict in many areas is that more and more ideas are regional but they are governed by much wider laws, laws that are enforced over a wider area, when it is not needed but for a few areas that law, specifically, be enforced by anyone.

The justification of punishment is unnecessary and unfounded. The need to make the situation whole after an act has taken place is impossible. There are many who will not feel repentant after an act. There are many who will allow ego to control their public or group image. There are many who commit acts because of various circumstances or driving emotions that are later not in these states. It is important to know that punishment, in any form, is not necessary. In their own time, those who punish will see the invalidity of their actions and those who many believe should be punished will have their own mind’s justification for or against the actions in which they conducted themselves. Punishment in one’s own mind is often more severe than that of others. It is also possible that one can perceive no punishment for themselves because of circumstances or because they have lived a life outside of some group think or group rule. None of these are incorrect. It is important for others to have exposure to new ways, not by force, simply by knowing. Allowing the information to flow to them as they seek it. It is not important to force it or indoctrinate them to prevent tragic or violent acts from taking place, they will always take place to some degree. There will be a time when they do not, when all beings have experienced this particular action, but there will be new actions and new methods. Learning and teaching is an ever changing and evolving process.


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