Today’s message from my spirit guides


There is less to be known about the world than what the human mind struggles to understand about itself. There is less to be known externally than the concept that many if you currently struggle in daily. You are not trapped and confined because of someone else, you are in your own path and navigating it as you choose. There is freedom and limitless bounds for all of you but many choose to place rules on themselves, on their behavior. It is not for you to ignore things that continually appear in your heart, mind, or life. Good or bad they need to be acknowledged. It is time for change. It is time to break free. It is time to accept your full potential and free yourself from shackles that you have allowed ourself and others to place on you in various forms.

To speed up any meaning process one simply needs to live and live behind mere adequacy. Explore beyond your current comfort levels. Explore new fields.

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