Today’s message for those in the human existence


Message from my spirit guides:

This is not the end of your world. There is nothing so traumatic that it should cause you years of stress, anger, and rage. Those who shall kill in the name of a belief are those who are no less skilled in thought and morality than many say an animal, but this too is not true. The evolution of mankind will take place when it realizes that there is nothing to fear, when you stop searching outside your planet and maintain and acknowledge all in existence on this planet. Stop searching outside yourself, search within. Add more to you span of control with your current thought process is counterproductive to your true evolution. All is done with the self and with real intention and thought. Those who experience rage are indifferent to this but do not realize they cause themselves more conflict by not experiencing beyond their current view. All things are possible and it does not take a being outside of yourself to accomplish any of it. You are a being who can create an entire universe. It is possible for you to grow at all stages of life.

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