Guidance for today: Quitting


Message from my spirit guides:

There is an attitude among you that quitting is not the answer. The stigma associated with the word “quit” is such that the release of old patterns and old attachments that do not serve you are held for excessively long periods of time. Many of the actions conducted in this manner are not necessarily the conditions the self places on the self, but by the impression others leave on your physical body with their own personal thoughts, attitudes, and what they believe is correct. It is much more important to come to terms with your own mind and it’s capabilities than it is to live in disgust in retrospect of your own actions. Do not engage in self hatred. There is a peace that comes from true learning and true knowledge when it is gained by your own means in your own way and it is added to your mind using your own lesson plan.

The thoughts and actions of others can change your opinion, be included in your thought process, and can be entirely responsible for the direction you travel if you so choose, but one should always learn to spread their own wings. When you do so, you rely less on others as a parachute.

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