Euthanasia, assisted suicide

What are your thoughts on euthanasia for the purpose of intentionally ending a life to stop pain and suffering?

There is a drive by many to end life and find the means to justify this action. There are just as many who willfully involve themselves in the life of another to prevent that life from ending. It is important that no life can be ended before the spirit has agreed to leave, if done at a predetermined time, or done so in line with a lesson to be completed, or done in line with your highest plan and good, only that you had agreed so previously. It is not important the means, but there should be a method for determining the level of happiness or mood of the being trapped within a physical body if they are otherwise able to communicate. There are many who will give up, but there are many who will fear this just as they fear the actions in their lives that precipitate other events which they fear. They will no more engage in ending their life by this method than by the hangman’s noose if it were readily available for pain and suffering or for any other reason they saw fit. It is not important to justify an action that does not readily involve you but that if one chooses to end a life and is intent on it, there is nothing to be done beyond ensuring safe passage. It is important to understand that there is no right and wrong answer or decision in life and the measuring of actions in this way is done so by human terms. This is a very rudimentary way to view the world when it is merely just cause and effect. There is not wrong or immoral, they are all decisions with which tyou can base your future actions, gain knowledge and experience, and engage with others. There is much pain and suffering experienced by the hand of another which is often disguised as that pain which is caused by a disease. Know that much pain or dis-ease in a body is calling attention to the body system or area. Pain, a great deal of pain, is in the same way working to call your attention, your management ability of your physical body, to this area. There are many who may not feel the drive to carry forward through the pain, but if an exit is attempted before a predetermined time, know that all actions will still take place that were necessary for any level of development of another, or even the being making the voluntary exit. Lessons pushed off or not experienced are not held back for all time, they are not ignored, some change forms, others are delayed, but they will still come to pass in the physical, the future physical, or in the energy body once you return to your non-physical home.

Medicine in many forms ignores the true nature of the being. In the form of pure pain that cannot be reversed by medical means, the method of communicating with the true body, meditation, directing focus on the self where it was previously ignored. These are the things that need to take place. There is much disharmony in the person who is experiencing long-term pain that is not managed. Even in physical beings who are pushing their pain aside through various efforts, it is merely masking an issue by hiding the physical manifestation of some idea, method, action, thought, or other energy or physical or non-physical attachment which needs attention or releasing.

There is not good, there is not bad, there is only action. One action leads to another action, leads to another action, and so on. Actions cause energy and emotion and reaction. This is what is done. What you experience may be necessary for your development. The mystery of your physical existence is knowing and not knowing when change should occur and when it should stay the same; to know when there is a higher being interfering for your highest good, and when there is an experience brought on simply for you to change and take action within. No matter the purpose, no matter if you rise to an occasion or simply experience, or change course entirely, this is an experience. Expereince each moment, as each moment, past, present, and future, are the greatest moments. Emphasis should never be placed on one of these over another. The past is your teacher, the present your classroom, and the future is your ability to create anew.

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