Message for today: Hope


Message for today from my spirit guides:

Hoping you’ll achieve something is not what matters. It is not the mere act of hoping for change, hoping for a better job, hoping for love or hoping for peace or hoping for those who are hungry to be fed, these things are not achieved by hope. Actions and new adventures and simple beginnings are accomplished by action. Hoping for the sun to shine will not bring it. Your hope did not cause it to rise in the sky. Hoping for an end to pollution does not cause the workers of the day to pick up trash on the streets. Your actions of generating less pollution, less trash, this accomplishes the task. It is important to understand that you are not alone in any quest you undertake but there will not be items or actions accomplished for you simply because you hope for them. There may be items or actions coming your way because you decided on them prior to entering this life.

A better use of the term hope may be the positive attitude necessary to achieve new goals and in releasing new patterns. It is important as ever for you to realize you are not alone on many levels. You will have guidance, seeking the wisdom of your inner voice, your true self, should be your first contact in all cases. Your true self is aware of the plan at hand, it is the physical self that is often unable to access it and the being within the body is able to do so but the lower vibration of the physical existence makes this action difficult. Your guides and other beings are here for you. There are others also experiencing these problems. While there are others to share in the same experiencing it is for you to decide on your course of action so that any possible resource of assistance could be offered or offering of information can be provided.

It is for you to decide. We are not leaving you to your own devices, dangling from a cliff, but you have all the skill and ability you will need, and the ability to acquire, discern, and to equally let go.

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