The law of attraction

How does Law of Attraction truly work on this plane?

This is a method by which like attracts like. This is evident in water droplets and can even be identified by each object of any size having gravity. As an indicvidyal this can be accomplished for you by using your mind. That which you focus on, dwell upon, and fill your time with will attract greater sums of that particular content. That which you fill your thoughts, actions, and energies will emerge in greater abundance as the universe and all of creation is attracted to and pulls towards that which is the same.

Often it is said that balance is always being struck in nature, and this is true, but opposing forces do not necessarily coexist side by side for easy comparison. The sum of all things, all actions, and all energies is the sum that must be evaluated and you will see, mathematically, that all on this plane is neutral. What you attract to you does not manifest mysteriously, this is evident in the physical world as much as it exists in your physical and true mind.

Gathering of similar atoms brings together greater beings and complex organisms. Each of these contains energy, some energy can be released as a bolt of lightning, instantly. Other energy is slower. The rate at which the energy is gathered or the rate at which it is expressed into the world is dependent only on your mind and where you place your focus and desire. Where your mind goes so goes the matter around you and all that is in the universe.

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