Message from my guides


Today’s channeled message:

It is important today to learn from actions that you have take in the past. Examine your thoughts, examine your goals. Many things coming to you now are a direct reflection of these things and their alignment or misalignment with your true self. New goals can be established but learning to listen to your highflier self is more important than all the advice in the world combined from self-help books, counselors, and any friendly advice. The voice that speaks to your heart and mind, this is the greatest counselor. This voice, your true self, these contain the knowledge and wisdom of the entire universe and all that shall be and all that ever will be.

Socialize, do not use conversation as a crutch for your self-described problems. Conversation should be a time for sharing and learning and mutual education and entertainment. Do not make others seek out your problem and correct it because you do not feel comfortable in your own skin. Advice and information can be helpful in a decision but all decisions are yours. You cannot circumvent the decision making process simply to escape responsibility from its outcome. There is no positive or negative experience. There is cause and effect and your ability to view it and take information from it.

You are not lost at sea. You are the sea and have the ability to know your vast expanse and deepest depths.

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