Today’s channeled message: Learning


Message from my spirit guides:

What can you learn by doing? What can you learn from others who have gone before you? It’s importer to realize that you are an independent thinker not bound by any single method or experience. It is time to grow. It is time to grow and tend to that which is already planted in your mind. It is time to pick the weeds that that which does not serve you.

Graciously you have been allowed to experience this lifetime with many others from various levels and development processes. You can learn from beings who appear so different from you. It is time to be a being of action in sharing the opposite of hostility and segregation and hate speech in regards to those who share your plane.

Peace is not a peaceful state, peace will be different from what it is now, it is a different state, but one with more cohesion, potentially isolation, but this is the method by which many can learn independence from others.

It is no slow going unless you act in that manner. It is important that you understand the credibility of your own actions and important works for yourself and those around you and those who will follow after you. You are no less important than the sun or the moon.

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