Today’s message: change and clarification


Channeled message from my spirit guides:

There is less a need to fear the unknown than there has been in the past. By no means does this make it easier for those who have it in their mind to release it and let go, but when the choice is made to move away from it, there will be greater and quicker impact from the desire to change.

The question heard is, “Why tell us this now. How is it beneficial.” The scope of information provided is not immediately discernible in many cases because it is not for your present mind. While your present mind may need to experience it, it needs to be stored for the future mind. This is not always the case but much will prove true at a later time. Reading this information at a later time will not prove as beneficial though in that moment is when it would be applicable.

There is much change and still a great deal of upheaval on many lives and in many areas of the world. There are many things that concern many people. The discernment of facts is far more important than the hyper sensitivity portrayed in the media. Practice the dissemination of facts regarding these stories and in the situations within your life. It is not necessary to be drawn into every moment in everyone’s situation. The simple act of interfering at all costs may be detrimental to you or to others. It is possible to view situations post-event without altering the situation with your own matter or opinions.

Grace before all else. Simple matters have simple solutions. Before all else fails, accept that others are capable of good.

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