Beginning instruction: non-physical body temporarily leaving the physical body

Question and answer with my spirit guides:

Can you describe the process of how to leave your physical body and return to it?

This is a process for many that will take much practice. There are many things on the physical plane that can be done with great success with very little effort. This is more true for those who are predisposed for certain activities. The same ability to more easily master some skill is true for skills of a non-physical nature. It is not important to begin doing this immediately. Much will depend on on the nature of your current activities and the mastery of your mind and your understanding of your world and true self. You should establish a strong foundation in this true principles before beginning to unleash your physical from your non-physical. You may be able to accomplish this task without first acquiring knowledge, but the goals you have in mind may not be so easily attainable and understood if you do not first gather the education necessary to hardness and understand.

You must simply be without your body. There is much over complication of acts which involved the mind and non-physical body. Simply releasing yourself is the only act that you shall need to do. For many, this practice shall begin with a concrete meditation schedule to listen to one’s own voice, to determine your true self and to put the ego aside. The ego and physical self is not what you will be using. You use both but most activity for the uninitiated takes place in the physical mind and that which is readily absorbed or perceived through the major sense which all can agree exist. It is the higher ability which will take time to acquire and perceive.

Your physical body will need to understand what is taking place and may need assistance from any spirit being that is currently responsible for your guidance in this plane. It is important to work with these beings, or state your intention, even if you are unaware they are present. They will be responsible for altering your physical body in the event that you were not as predisposed for a particular activity such as this.

The study and practice in what has been called energy work on your plane is essential to your production of the realization of the two separate beings in which you are control. The true self, and the physical self. The sensations provided and experienced by these exercises are simply the movement of energy, the reawakening of your energy body, and the perception of the mind and its interpretation of the possibly long-ignored existence of this internal controller – the real you.

While this is a brief guide it should no more lessen your study time and your practice and discipline towards this subject. It is important to be grounded in subjects described as metaphysical. Many are put off by these topics or anything deemed “New Age.” For many, it is the term that puts them off, if you were to change the name but not change the information they would be more receptive to it. It is important to be aware of these topics and aware of protecting yourself. While your spirit protectors will protect you they are not as invasive as some would believe. They will not simply stand by your side and read your mind. You may communicate with them mentally if that is your intention, but they will not know every waking and non-waking thought that exists within your mind. Your intention and with what purpose you wish to achieve this act is important. As simple as this statement that becomes your intention might be, it is important to have this intention.

Begin to place your mind, your focus, your thought, every essence of your being in an alternative location. Thoughts within your mind and directing of energy create action. In the spirit plane your self is controlled with thought. Very simply put, your thoughts control your location, your actions, by comparison your mind in the physical body controls the body at a much lower speed. You may think of an action within the physical realm but it does not manifest because of the lower frequency on the physical plane. Many humans have 6,000 or more thoughts per day, and if their body were to be taken to each location, each act carried out, there would be no society that you are aware of today.

Place your intention outside of you. Place yourself fully in that moment. If you are viewing an area that is only a few feet away from you it is not important for the self to say, “I am in this room, now what.” You must fully explore and place yourself in this room. You will need, basically, to convince the self that you are, in fact, capable of travel without the physical self. You should explore every aspect of the room. The colors, the markings, the disruptions in normal activity, the smell, the light, breeze. Examine every item in this area, every thing in this location and see it with new eyes, as though you were seeing the world for the first time.

Exercises such as these will allow the mind to follow and creates independence for the being to achieve this without a great deal of external assistance.

For many, there will be other paths, but by following this road you will achieve a greater understanding of what your entire being is capable of once you reawaken to it. The dependence of others on spirit beings does not lesson or increase the importance of accomplishing this skill for some. In many cases it is not the road traveled, but very literally, the end justifying the means used to accomplish the task. The knowledge you gain while educating yourself will bring greater understanding and will lessen your dependence on other current dogmas and beliefs held by many that do not serve this skill or realm of adventure.

You should, prior to investigating any mind/spirit/body connection or possibility, examine the reasons for this in your life. You are simply wishing to learn more about these possibilities, or do you wish to carry out this activity on a regular basis? With what purpose do you hope to accomplish this? While it may provide an escape it should not be viewed, mistakenly, as an alternate reality. What you experience by any sense or perception method is reality. There is not an alternate location that is not reality. There are many things your mind will perceive within dreams, you may not understand these because of your limited view of the matter, but this too is reality. It is all reality. Often it is the source that confuses many and causes frustration.

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