Focus of the mind during non-physical work

Question and answer with my spirit guides:

On what should a person’s mind be focused during meditation, during a healing session, and during a development class?

The very nature of your inquisition needs examination into the reasons for your completing these tasks. Are you a channel? You should be clear and free of inhibition and expectation. Your mind may wander but should be brought back to centered once you release the intention into the universe of the task you wish to accomplish. If you are seeking development of your ability, if you are seeking atonement or some change within yourself it is important to embrace on many levels the change and alteration you wish to embody. Simply wanting change is not enough, we are aware that many may not be aware of what their true potential may be, you may want to assign this task of delegation to your master teacher, your supervisory spirit being, but doing so your pace can be set by you or this being but the skills, abilities, and gifts within the physical or non-physical may surprise you if you were unaware of even the existence of them as a possibility. Others may wish for them to manifest much quicker, but if you do not interest yourself in these topics or if your mind is holding true to some other form, they will take much more time to create and unfold for you.

Any any work of the non-physical it is important to place your mind in the realm of possibility at all time. Block nothing. Much information and education has been disseminated into your plane regarding the skills and abilities of both physical and non-physical. Not all information has been learned by one single being and not all information is still know that was once shared. Your willingness to share in this experience is what is importance than some arbitrary necessity that you feel you need to accomplish.

If you are willing to engage in these endeavors it is important to clean your mind. Ready you mind. Prepare your mind. You would not invite nature into a space that was not prepared for the natural process to take place. A barren parking lot does not lend itself well to that end. Create a space within yourself where these skills and abilities can manifest and will have the support in your physical and non-physical actions and beliefs.

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