Perception of the afterlife

Does the afterlife and true home appear the same for everyone who is in it, who will return to it, or view it another way? Do the beliefs a being has while in a physical body shape what will appear to them when their physical body dies? Does this view or perception ever change in their mind or is it ever changed for them by others in the non-physical plane?

Channeled response from my spirit guides:

There is a great deal of knowledge concerning this area. As with many things there are aspects that are extremely and invariable unique to the individual. What one person perceives and what they are shown is not what another person will perceive or will be shown. For it to be said that you will be welcomed with open arms by your family or loved ones, this is not always true. For many this is not what they wish to have happen, they do not want to experience it for various reasons. You will be shown what gives you the greatest peace and what will allow you to transition from a physical existence in the human form to that of your true self.

It should be known that not all will let go of beliefs that were held in the physical plane. There is much education on the physical plane that becomes difficult to break free of once you are within it for so long. Some of this is good, some knowledge acquired is good. Some knowledge and clinging to it will charge your spirit body unnecessarily and make it more difficult for experiences to be had and education to be had. The unwillingness to realize that your true body is not the physical body is difficult for some. It is important to say that not every physical being will day in the same way and because of this they are not received in the same way. Many may be eased into this transition months or years prior to their departure. The ending time within the physical and the returning time and what is experienced shall merge and appear seamless. There is not tragedy.

It is necessary to say that all beings will perceive, initially, what they wish to perceive and what brings them the greatest comfort. You shall not need to acquire the beliefs of another on what your experience shall be simply based on previous reports. It is, simply, necessary for you to adjust to the nature of things and as many abilities need reawakened in the physical plane so do many abilities need to be reawakened and relearned once you arrive without a physical body, the lower vibration of physical matter, surrounding your true self and the need to control and move it.

Necessary for those who are coming to use from trauma that they be shown the outcome of their actions, the necessity of their actions, and the impact on humanity that they created. No matter the outcome or perception by anyone in any form or on any side of a decision, the impact is cause and affect, not simply negative and positive.

Perception of where you will visit or call your home once you complete your learning and transition to the non-physical is entirely based on your desires and ambitions. There are many specialty areas in which one can fulfill learning or simply entertain themselves. There are many areas similar to that of the physical in terms of learning, entertainment, personal growth, outlets for many beings to gather and focus energy, to pass the time, to join with others in accomplishing tasks. It is also possible for you to be isolated, you are only a thought from any particular person or action, but if you choose to dwell alone in particular area this is also true. You may visit other beings, both physical and non-physical, but this should not be interpreted as you will spend your time clinging to and visiting loved ones on the physical plane simply because it is possible. While they will miss you in your absence it is also possible that your absence causes growth and your departure was necessary. Your visiting them or interfering could be sabotaging the reason the situation would completed in the manner that took place.

You will see that there are many areas which may appear off limits to you, but nothing is restricted. There are certain areas where certain vibrations or certain learning gathers and takes place. It is not that you are forbidden, but you must take the necessary steps to enter here. You do not simply jump in a pool in order to shock your physical body and jump start the process of learning to swim. While some learning aspects can be acquired in this way it is not true for all areas.

You are a being who has the infinite possibility of the universe contained within you, you are able to experience it and learn and grow, or simply watch the breeze blow through a meadow. There are other areas that you shall have access to you which are not available in the physical plane.

Much learning, even those who do not feel that learning and completing goals and ambitions are within their being, for many, they will find themselves more at home in the spirit body once they arrive. As in the physical, there will be many who find fulfillment filling their bodies with other behaviors or one repetitive action. Each being shall choose their own path. Each being may or may not choose a learning path or the ability to grow. What you choose to do is within your own being and if you choose to have guidance or go the road alone, this is your ability to choose. It is not to have faith in order to cross successfully. Your faith has nothing to do with the natural process of any universe. It will simply be. There is no challenge for you to exist, the challenge will be in growth.

Completing tables of the foreign mind may help you understand that there is no being lost, there is not a lack of salvation, and there is no need to worry. If you learn and accomplish one task, fifty tasks, or none at all, know that this was an opportunity to do just that, to be as you saw fit. It is entirely within your will to be as you desire without oppression or judgment.

These tables are intended to refer to the being of others, to understand the soul. There are other experiences available on the earth plane in which you can complete other learnings which are not taking place to your physical being. This is also true in the spirit dimension. You are able to learn from all lifetimes and view it as though you are within it, and experience it fully as would the physical being carrying it out. Completion of this type of experience is possible in your physical dimension but you must be open and understanding that this is taking place. It may not be for some to complete these tasks. It is important to know that many accomplish this without realizing it is being done. All experiences are recorded and you can revisit them in spirit. Because it does not make sense now does not mean that you should abandon it or that you will abandon it, you will examine the learning that took place and that which you viewed, you shall have a better understanding of many things at a later date.

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