Harm from cellphones and electronics

Do cellphones and other electronics interfere with or harm the human body or non-physical body?

Channeled response from my spirit guides:

There is a great deal of electrical disturbance for the sake of easy communication. There is not a great deal of benefit when weighing these appliances with the danger. The subjection of the brain and energy fields within the human body can create problems, increasing the electrical activity in a body that is not prepared can be damaging. As with muscle generation and tissue growth in other areas, cells can adapt to new behavior, but the change in the frequency of the human energy field can be harmful. The necessity to communicate easily is not a detrimental idea on the human plane. Many can communicate without any device as an intermediary. Not all beings will know this in their time so communication can be made easier with these devices.

Importantly, while you are attempting to communicate with someone who is not in your area, consider carefully why you are doing so. Is it necessary to communicate with a being who is not in your area? To communicate with someone who has moved from your area, why is this necessary? Have they left permanently? Their growth is not dependent on your material desires. It is necessary to communicate over vast measures of land but less interference with the human body is attainable, even with current practices and current technology.

When science and medicine learn the human and non-physical body and understand it, more can be done to work with this body. Unnecessary injuries and ailments can be avoided by the readily available waves and electrical generators that operate on specific frequencies. It is important to say that not all who understand these things will see, yet, the importance of adjusting to these frequencies.

The use of a cellphone does not indicate that there will be some imbalance in the body that contributes to a medical condition. There are many factors that prevent disease in various bodies and while it is dependent on the nature of your work and those working with you, you may have assistance, this is not always the case. Important is the reason for the communication and possible attachment to that which the cellphone provides. It is important to understand that no matter the physical object you use and no matter the reason you use it, the attachment, beneficial, healthy, unhealthy, detrimental, positive, these are cause and effect and should be examined. Necessary it is to see these things as cause and effect and not as blaming one device for your medical deviance. No matter the issue it is possible that the same lesson be achieved through alternate means. Perhaps this lesson is for you. Perhaps it is for others. Perhaps no interference will take place within your body.

The problem is created when excessive use is required by the self in order to garner some higher sense of purpose and independence or self importance. While it is an old saying, it is not the money or the material that makes the individual. That, as with all things, that are external to you, cannot create a stronger core within you. It is not necessary for you to cease all communication but understand that the potential exists for this to be improved and the nature in which you use these devices can be improved. Calm yourself as you read this. You are not now aware that you are harming yourself. Simply, take time to understand your actions rather than simply engage in them because others do.

It will not be a change by the creators of these devices by their own will. There will be medical technology that changes the manner in which you communicate and the safety to the human body. Once the non-physical body is recognized there will be millions of changes in a short period of time on the earth.

Protecting yourself by considering your actions is more important that protection using a tinfoil helmet on your skull. Reducing use does not change the potential harm if they same cause is not addressed, for it will manifest in a new outlet until your actions are addressed and understood. We realize this is not a simple task, to examine one’s self and to make adjustments or to think critically, not in terms of negativity, but in terms of understanding your reasoning and drive for many actions and thoughts. It is necessary to understand that you are your own creator and you can change, create, destroy, in a sense, all things that relate to your body and that which emanates or is received by any level of your body. Listen to yourself, you are not a foreigner in a strange land, you are very aware of what could and can take place, the cause and effect.

It will be achieved once you look deeper, it is not a generic concept to look deeper. It is important to understand the reason and mechanism, not simply to go about your routine without review. Items as simple as addressing why you eat the food you do at the time you do in the manner you have been, the reason you carry your mail in the manner you do. All purposes important to life can be infiltrated by popular thought and action. It is only be reviewing these actions that you can become aware of your own voice and your true identity rather than being part of what is socially acceptable.

It is not difficult, you will not become an outcast. There is nothing to be cast out from and there is nothing frightening about any action you may or may not take. Knowing yourself is how you grow, it is how you adapt, it is the purpose of your existence.

You will find within yourself a wide array of coping mechanism, definitions, alternative strategies, and solutions to all things if you allow yourself to become aware of your own identity rather than take on any of that which is done by others and therefore accepted by you. We are not encourage you to live a life of isolation, we are not telling you to free yourself from society. These aspects are important for many reasons, when one grows the potential exists for many to grow. When many being grows even more can be accomplished and change created. It is not a simple task to elevate others, it is even more difficult to elevate yourself. It is important to understand the growth and cause and effect that takes place under these conditions but also that you will not force growth or cause any change to take place where the being is not ready, where they are not open. So, it is not necessary to preach, it is not necessary to cause other to believe your word as law by force, nor by passive-aggressive behavior. You shall lead by your own accord but you are all leading at all times. There is no act or thought that is entirely ignored on the physical plane. Those around you watch you, they see what you are doing, they consider your thoughts, your actions, your energies. You can become aware of these things and serve as a positive environment for those you encounter rather than enforcing events and actions potentially labeled as harmful and assist in a being seeking growth beyond a routine or attachment that his given them difficulty for the length of their existence.

It is not important to identify the self. Identify that which impacts the self, identify that which emanates from the self, but to seek relative seclusion for the purpose of reaming anonymous or independent, does not release you from the need to identify as other do, your ability, your thoughts. Alone or not alone, others act as a mirror for your own judgment and actions. They assist you in development. You see what they cannot and vice versa. You cannot exit independently of others. You are both a single being and a much larger independent dependent. You are all from the same source. Achieving higher forms of learning and opportunity for the larger picture is important and when you achieve you are doing this for many.

It is not later that these actions should take place, it is now. It is now and immediately now that any of this should happen. You should not worry about your independence. You should not worry about your identity being lost to the group. Identify both aspects and release expectation of either. You are here for the benefit of your true self and the benefit of others, and they for you. Each being working independently and yet together on a team is essentially what is occurring.

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