Message for today


Channeled message from my spirit guides:

There is a peace and tranquility available to all people. It is not out of your grasp, it is very attainable. Many are stuck, stuck in ruts, stuck in mud, living in routines that do not serve them. The higher self will always alert you to what needs to be done for you. This is without regard to the status quo, the latest trends, or what your friends and neighbors will say about you. The higher self is the being within you that will survive the death transition. The higher self is aware of the plan that is in store for you and will work to create for you the opportunity and sense of direction.

You have free will, you can ignore it if you choose. The feelings and urges will not interfere so greatly that you cannot love your life in complete opposition to you plan. The higher self does not judge the ego and its desires. The higher self will simply continue to remind and urge you to attend to your highest good.

This does not mean that you must become a pastor, preacher, nun, saint, or that you are free from error. This simply means that your higher self desires to accomplish that which is intended to be completed in this lifetime. For some it may be a specific interaction within a certain career. For others it may be as simple as experiencing the grass under your feet. Each individual is unique. You will not have the identical path of another. There may be similarities and you may have intended to meet certain individuals during your physical existence because they may assist you in your journey.

There are no lost causes, no lost moments. Live this life free from judgement over miss opportunities. You endured a decision in the way most suited to you at the moment. Learning in that experience has take place. Do not fear, do not regret. You are on the right course at all times, no matter how stormy it may seem.

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