Pet allergies

What causes allergies to pets and domestic animals? How can this be corrected?

Channeled message from my spirit guides:

Many allergies to pets are simply by design. The body needs not be perfect at all times. There are often no apparent reasons, for many of these situations it is not a matter of “his will,” it is a matter of your will. You are the being that chooses many of the tasks in this life. In the matter of pets and being allergic to their dander it is important to ask yourself what possibly could happen if you were to maintain a pet. Does it benefit you or the animal to live in such a way? The necessity to enshrine an animal being in such away so that you shower it with gifts and praise is an excellent method of expressing love but are you providing for that animal what it loves? What it needs? What it requires? These answers are not just a method of challenging your thoughts but addressing the point that you may not always know the answer and are not always able to think for another being simply because you feel you are in some way more advanced or more capable that it appears.

Ask yourself, “Am I capable of treating this animal in such a way that it is able to express it’s energy and learn and grow while I am learning and growing at the same time?” It is important to know that all things left in the care of another will suffer at some point. This can be a borrowed jacket, a piece of furniture, a pet, another human being. Because the object or being is living at your mercy it must have all needs met by your will. When your will does not involve that being or object the object shall suffer. It is important to know that it is not always possible for you to address your needs if you are living the will of another.

True relationships that are mutually beneficial to all beings are those in which both objects or beings are able to grow and express with and without the company or interference of another. While it is not necessary to be alone it is necessary that you do not sacrifice your will for that of another, nor theirs. It is a careful balance. Do you want to do this?

Remember, in simple terms, you are not owning any being or object. You are not a being capable of owning anything physical. You may operate it, you may attempt to control it, but all beings have free will and are able to choose to not follow your path and are capable of living independently no matter how much force or training you inflict on it. The objects or beings in your care or possession may hold value to you and may create learning processes for you but they are not yours in the sense that is expressed in the physical. You do not keep something through all of eternity simply because it is your keep and you offered up money or trade for the object. The object or being is its own existence and its own responsibility. It may and is quite capable of providing lessons to you, so this should not be regarded as a warning that all effort is futile, no effort is futile, but there is no true ownership of beings, nor non-physical property. You are allowed to experience but you keep only what is your true being and what is contained within you.

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