Too much metaphysical work?

Is it possible to attempt too many sessions of using or developing psychic ability or healing? Is it possible to “over do it” and cause yourself harm or other detriment?

Channeled message from my spirit guides:

Yes it is possible. The energy body, the mind, and the physical body all have limitations. These are often not set in stone, not determined by society, but are most often impacted by your use, neglect, and exercising these abilities. It is possible to overuse them, to not allow your body and all of its aspects the opportunity to adjust and strengthen and interpret. Just as the physical muscles need time to repair and recuperate so does any non-physical, and by this we mean that which cannot be readily sensed by many in your physical existence, ability or quality.

Many attributes will strengthen and develop over time by your using and exercising them, making it possible for you to do more than you have before. It is important to rest the bodies and sleep and relaxation are important. It is important to rest. Simply because you do not perspire when you are using these areas it does not mean that your bodies are under stress or tension. The work they undergo and the resources they use do not have a negative impact on the body but for some this requires change within the body. Any resources that becomes taxed beyond its means needs time to recuperate. Do not worry that you are causing harm to your body but do allow yourself time to recover. Many times when your physical body is needing rest your mental faculties and your energy body need the same. Many times in the bodies of mediums, healing channels, and others, the physical body is not tired, it is not worn. The tiredness that they experience is the mind and spirit body fatigued.

This fatigue can also be experienced by less apparent means and methods. If you feel attacked or in conflict with the energy of a place, space, or person that you routinely encounter, the constant interpretation and defense against this energy can be taxing.

You are also able to identify the energy of other beings that you experience as you are all antennae for energy, some predisposed to certain sources more than others. Identifying the source of this energy as not your own can help you relax and conserve energy. Constantly receiving a stream of energy can be overwhelming as you attempt to control or understand it. You can assist those that you encounter but it is this stream of energy that can also cause fatigue. We say this as an example to you so that you understand it is not the actual intention on your part that may cause fatigue but the simple act of engaging your world can also cause this. Simply because you feel you are not using your ability in a special session does not mean that it is not being utilized on a constant basis in some other form or fashion. Because you do not have a special designated session during the day does not mean that you require less rest and relaxation than you would have otherwise.

Those who are unaware of their ability occasionally have moments that they will identify as an extra-sensory perception, simply because they only rarely acknowledge this extra sense does not mean it can drain your living energy any less than someone who is conversing with spirits and sending out healing energy to living things and other objects all day. When you were a toddler you would have struggled to carry and life a sack full of books, a weight of 20 pounds would have caused you problems, lifting a one half gallon of milk or water would have posed problems. As you have grown you have been able to do these things and grow in other ways. Those who begin to acknowledge and then use with regularity their ability will strengthen so that more ability is able to be used in a single time frame without rest.

Your physical body will demand much of you. Much of what you do will need special interpretation by your physical body because much will be reawakened as you invest in these aspects of yourself. Things that you have been told to ignore, or aspects which you were unaware will reopen and your physical mind will need time to understand them.

Rest yourself. You will do no good when you are exhausted. Energy that you share into the world does not require a special session on a constant basis. Your expression throughout your daily life, inside the most innocuous action can have the greatest impact. Washing your hands while at peace with the world and expressing love and caring for yourself is just as important as helping those who have suffered a crisis in a natural disaster.


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