Balance between yourself and others


Channeled message from my spirit guides:

We are not alone. You should not interpret this as a message about little green men. You should read this message to yourself when you are feeling alone and isolated. All beings on his plane are from the same source, no matter their physical appearance or their demeanor. All are the same.

The entire world is full of connections with other beings and the ability to improve the life of yourself or another when you destabilize your ability to create yourself as an island, isolated and alone with your thoughts. Careful balance in the method in which you conduct the self and the self within the communication channels between being is a careful balance which should be carefully evaluated. Do not ignore the self for others. Do not ignore others for the self. Neither if these are harmonious when they are created in the physical without the other aspect to balance it. You are meant to create peace within yourself. You may feel as though you neglect others or you neglect yourself but this is not a fear that should be had, for if you truly feel both events you are working in both yin and yang, and though you may feel a struggle to maintain any sensible notion of happy medium, you are working in the light of your highest self. You are not fallen from the path.

You are not a failure not a success at any point in your life. This may breed depression within you, for those that desire success and a path of achievement for the ego. There is no downward spiral or upward mobility where tangible products and rewards are concerned. Your lack of sense of self is not any more righteous than anyone who is blocked to the outside world.

Peace will come to you, listen to yourself.

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