Message for today: rest, sleep, attention to self


Channeled message from my spirit guides:

There is nothing lost with the passing of time. Gears will turn slowly, marking the passage of a timeline, but you are independent of his creation. You are not dependent on time. You are capable of living without clocks and calendars. Your reach is behind that of the stars.

It is important for you as a being to learn that there are physical concepts and ideas in place that society and mankind has established since the beginning of this makind. These are not beneficial, they are not detrimental. The application of the concept on the being by the being is what can be detrimental to every level of the body.

In all circumstances you will need rest. There is not a more imprtant activity on the physical plane than rest. Those that tell you they can accomplish the same work with zero to two or three hours of rest are not metabolically similar to you not are they as capable as many others are on other levels of the living being.

Rest is not something that should cause guilt in any way. If you feel it is excessive there may be other deficiencies causing an imbalance, this is also true if you are unable to sleep. Do not let your first impression be that you are ill if you are unable to sleep or do not sleep enough. Many have it in their mind to feel guilt when applying any practice of self care, even sleep. Often times what prevents sleep is what you see as responsibilities. Are these responsibilities truly part of your being and purpose? Are you ignoring part of your true self and being during your waking hours that is now being required to appear at night for acknowledgement? Do you neglect other aspects?

An imbalance does not indicate a nutritional imbalance. Nutritionally may be a small part of any particular puzzle in regards to sleep. The sugar and caffeine you ingest may lose problems but sleep is most often the way in which the mind, ego, and all levels of being communicate between each other and to you. This is not necessary if you acknowledge it during waking hours. You may not hear it did to other distractions during the daylight hours and when the activity for the day is over you are now listening to what was present all along.

Presently you are living in an emotional time. It is very important that all of you tend first to your own physical, mental, emotional, and non-physical needs and security. Not security in the sense of war and protection, but addressing these things in the sense of the self shall afford you greater ability to aid yourself and aid others. Do not become part of the problem.

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