Today’s message: Hate


Channeled message from my spirit guides:

There is much hate afforded one another as a means of keeping the one speaking fully present in the glow of society’s spotlight. Hate spoken for the purpose of humor is hateful motivations. Speaking freely and honestly does not mean that your words are true by universal standards. Hate, not matter the cause, will always have a negative impact on everyone it touches, even indirectly. Human nature is such that hate contaminates the very essence of all beings did to the way In which it is so easily received and then regurgitated, spreading hate as easily as a ripple across a pool of water.

It is the purpose of your very existence to determine the root and, above all else, transform this energy into other motivations. It is not necessary for you to ignore the hate, but it is very possible for all hate to become other emotions and actions rather than causing more of the same.

This is true with all emotions. It is very simple to send into the world that which we receive, it will take monitoring of the mind to transform this energy into another form. It is not a difficult task. You can be the change, it is possible, it is a potential within every single being. Be what causes the river the to divert in a new and wonderful way. You cannot simply absorb, or like the river, you will overrun your banks in all directions.

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