Worry and suffering

Channeled message from my spirit guides:

There is less worry in the world than there used to be in previous times. There is more worry evident because more beings are sharing their worry publicly and finding supposed and methods to understand their worry or grief. They find the ability to grow and move beyond suffering without causing further detriment to their own being.

This does not mean that there are no beings who suffer silently. There are many beings who remain in their worrisome state and state of suffering. Remaining in this state is by their own doing. When you chose to stay in a state of conflict, by any mechanism, you will continue to have an equilibrium that is out of balance. You will cause yourself more harm. You are not mentally ill, you are performing constant physical or mental to yourself and rather than break free from he cause you attach to it in even deeper ways.

There is no rescue found in pills. Cures of any kind will come from your own body when your own mind leads.


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