Mad Cow Disease

Does mad cow disease truly exist on a large scale or is it not really a concern for the public or public health?

It is not a great deal of skill to call one’s self a philosopher. It is not a special title that allows you to ask questions to confuse your partners on this plane. It is the ability to critically evaluate, not negatively, but beyond the surface, search for answers which speak to human nature and yet apply to individuals in a unique way.

The importance of mad cow disease is not to perpetuate some divide between “hippy” culture and regimented society, it is with great deal and care that you should sacrifice the life of another for the purpose of sustaining your existence. Much of the world is still slaughtering on an individual level for the purpose of the family. There is a great deal in the mechanized world that allows beings to escape the thought of guilt where it concerns the life of another being or energy required to carry out a specific act. We do not mean that you must look each fish in the eye before you eat it, but understand that you are not the supreme being on the planet. There are other beings with the ability for creative thoughts, family bonding, and just as much capacity for compassion or hatred as the human.

Much is born from misuse and neglect of the owners and operators for the sake of profit, and if not for profit sake they simply do not concern themselves with items that could be improved upon for workers or for the stock that are sustaining man. It is important to understand that there is no thing doen on the earth which does not have a cause and effect pattern. The method of declaring that a butterfly can cause a tsunami are true. One being can cause untold change and impact. It is one being who can take the time to examine the living conditions within food processing, it is your food, you are going to take this into your body, you should treat all levels of your body with kindness and respect, so should you treat all that which enters and leaves. The irreverence for the self is translated into the irreverence for nature and that which is used to sustain man. The process of improving these areas can be started from any side of the process. You can treat your body with respect, which will then allow your concern to flow beyond yourself and to the living things which sustain you, allowing better conditions no matter the length of life for the living organism that sustains so many. You are also able to first treat the sustaining animal or plant with respect and honor, you will not survive without it. You would be an empty husk if it was required that you live only on industrialized nutrition. Once care and sustaining practices are included in your thankfulness and gratitude, energy containing love and respect will flow into your physical body. It is possible to repair this cycle from any end or it is possible to create a new cycle completely free from mechanized factory processes.

A disease of the food crop or stock is a cause for the attention of those who consume it. It is not only foul conditions, it is a neglect on many levels and a disinterest in serving the mind of other beings in the highest way possible, and ignoring that you also wish to be treated in this manner.

Care can be taken first, today, on an individual level as you consume the food from your own kitchen. Then, grown beyond this point, return your focus to the market, return your focus then to the factory, return your focus to the farm. Appreciation and gratitude is what many entities are desiring and are waiting to receive, they understand the process of life but they are less respectful and in many ways less fulfilled or less fulfilling because of this neglect to their being.

Changing the attitude towards your kitchen and the appreciation at your table shall be the first step. Do not remove yourself from the source of your sustenance.

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