NRA in politics

Information given by my guides prior to being asked any questions:

It is not wrong to fill a void or occupy your time with something. It is important to identify what it is about yourself that yearns for this feeling and bring it into balance with other aspects of your being.

National Rifle Association: Why are they such a powerful force in politics?

The powerful force of which you question is not simply the mind of a few gathering into a stronger force for some sake of protection. At the top of this pyramid there are a few who are interested in power and promotion of ideals beyond what the everyday member wishes to accomplish. The volume of their membership and fees allows them to fight stronger willed opponents and root and and have collapse the campaigns that seek to restrict their movement.

Neither campaign, for or against weapons, is a negative mission, it is the purpose of the weapon in the hands of each owner that is important to any discussion. Giving every man, woman, and child a weapon is not a negative impact, it is what the mission of the individual determines its purpose, this is the important aspect not discussed.

Their campaign is widespread but as with any campaign, their message is not a regulated one, we do not mean that weapons should be regulated, but with many campaigns the desire of the party is for simple unregulated promotion of their idea, rule, or law. This is the problem, for nothing is universal in the sense of development of the being who visits this plane. You cannot have a widespread rule or law for no two beings are similar, no two beings react in the same manner, no two beings will follow the same road. Differences among beings are not to be seen as positive and negative, they are only to be said as not similar to yours, none of which makes either being more correct. Violence will not be erratic if all guns and other weapons will immediately removed from the face of the earth. Violence will not be elasticated if all guns and other weapons were slowly and methodically removed from the face of the earth. No matter the manifestation, fear and lack of knowledge about the self, these will appear. It is in direct conflict with their sanctions that any such matter be discussed about methodically carrying out their objectives. The purpose is to go for full measures in their favor, and in many cases, no matter the cause, you aim for the most you desire, fight for it, and hope that you receive some portion of that goal. Their fear is great, their money is great. They will not undo or create anything in this plane which is not already preparing to take place. They will not usher in new violence or eradicate old violence. It is simply an outlet for many of these similar minds to express much of their inner being in the way that they are aware.

Simply permitting weapons does not solve nor hinder crime and violence. Many are aware of the implications. Many choose the opposite means no matter the situation. There are no set rules that pertain to all beings. It is important to realize that. It is important to say again that no being is capable of judging any other being on this plane. You are not in a position to offer judgment against another being in terms of life and death. Though it will take this action for many to realize it and to grow beyond their current state. It is possible for all to learn and grow beyond this action, and it is even possible to learn and grow beyond it without actually taking place within your hands, but many will follow into it and then recall the experience at a later time and gather knowledge from it. It may take centuries and immeasurable amounts of time to see change, but change is always occurring in the most sublte of ways, contributing to a larger picture.

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