Peace among various faiths and belief systems

Is is possible to create peace between religions and between the religious and non-religious points of view? If so, how?

There is no greater peace available to you than for men and women of like-mind to work together for a common goal. The mission here is not to change those you encounter who have differing views. No matter the situation being discussed or the cause that has anyone concerned, know that all situations and events have a common thread. If you must use religion and must keep it in your life you are not wrong or negative, this is a result of cause and effect. Know that your religion is not the only religion, nor is it more correct than other religious studies, this is simply the belief system that is right for you right now. In the same way, you should not view another religion in a negative way, less than your religion, or somehow demeaning to those who believe in it, it is simply correct for that person in that moment.

Examining religions there are many common core beliefs, there are some branches that offer specific differences and make the more unique than others, but they are what is correct for that person at the time, you will not force them into a new way of being. If they choose change of any kind it will be done of their own free will and not simply because you forced an idea into their physical sense. It is not faith alone that keeps man apart, it is the idea that it is somehow protecting him, when, it may better illustrate the point if you view any religious text as a manual for training them mind, in certain respects. Where the mind goes the physical shall follow. Simply because you cannot manifest a green apple in your hand at this immediate moment does not mean that your mind cannot create and impact the physical world without your physical work. When your religion speaks on healing, helping, and assisting others and prayer, these are all things that are done in the mind. Because many do not believe this can be done it is the excuse that a text showed them the way or because of prayer or meditation they accomplished this task. Divine intervention is more often the result of your thought or action more than it is some other-worldly being. There is much done to protect an individual if it is needed and part of the predetermined course for an individual, however, many acts are simply the unfolding of human events and do not require praise to anyone other than the human spirit. In this way mankind does not take credit for its own inventions or creative endeavors. Often times religion is blamed, the difference in religion is blamed for a war or smaller altercation. We forget that all belief systems want peace, even if they are wanting peace only for themselves and to damn the others, war does not bring them peace, mankind blames higher powers for wars when all war does is bring lessons to this plane that need to be expressed as they have not been learned and retained for many. There may be some intervention for the individual level but it is not the act of some higher power that allows you to ride into battle unscathed for your country’s honor – this is the cause and effect process of your mind. Know that it is not as capable in the physical body as it is outside of it, therefore it is possible for your work to have not been enough or to be seemingly undone by the work of another.

It is not a matter of peace for the sake of peace but to reach an understanding that no matter what belief is held there is a common thread in all beliefs. Self-preservation is at the root of all beings, some beings are more stable in their ability to see true danger and discern false danger, danger to the ego, and they are able to act accordingly. It is this understanding of the self, to understand that no attack warrants a return of the same energy, that allows beings to reprimand others who follow violent paths, even then that is done without the knowledge of what the other being’s true purpose in this time is being used for and to what end. It is without fear or prejudice that all tings will be accomplished. There will always be differing views but there will be a time when fewer and fewer social classes are defined by these types of beliefs and while differences will be held they will not spill out into public address and public prosecution of those with opposing views. Specifically, it is possible to hold office without judgment or use of power that is viewed by others as being skewed because of your personal beliefs.

This is a work in progress, it is not the heathen who does not have religion, it is not the heathen that needs to have an understanding of religion. It is the follower that needs to examine his purpose, mission, and reasoning for being a follower. While there is no belief system more superior to another it is important to understand that if you do not believe fully in a text, you are causing doubt within yourself because of higher knowledge. It is important to understand that while you may use parts of a text associated with a particular religion, it is that association with that religion which will also draw energy into you and out of you based on the energy within this plane regarding this religion. Labels are important to society and all words and works have energy associated with them. If you are reading page 492 and study it in-depth and this is your religion, you will be impacted by the pages surrounding your paragraphs of faith. Draw only into your life what you examine as truly being for your purpose. Do not accept additional attachments simply because they are free and included and no additional cost. There is always a cost or toll, it will always impart energy to you and exchange among others. Examine these things, allow it to be tested by others if you feel convinced. Learn to ask questions.

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