Pharmaceutical companies hiding cures?

Are pharmaceutical companies really sitting on “cures” for certain diseases for profit, or is that just idle talk?

The method in which they suppress treatment is not necessarily as direct as what many think. They hold much information but they suppress that which is readily available to you because there is no monetary gain in that which they do not sell and control. If, in your lifetime, you feel compelled to take their medication, you are supporting their claim that you are not able to survive and live a healthy and active life without their existence. It is important to know that there is nothing that comes from an industrialized production that you cannot also readily obtain from the world around you, as one single individual, you have much more within your power to remedy and prevent illnesses than that of medicine which comes from a box. We understand that there is often some temporary relief necessary because if your schedule and the methods in which you spend your time earning a rightful place in the career world. Consider the impact on your body as it works to suppress your natural response to an imbalance. Importantly, why do you work under such conditions that prevent you from healing and securing your health within your home before you must return to the toil and labor?

There is a great deal of misleading information available to you about prospective “natural cures.” There is much on the shelf in the market that purports “natural” and nature connections and is therefore suited to the needs and desires of those seeking such a remedy. This is not beneficial to you to take these self-assigned labels as accurate nor are they beneficial. The essence of the source of the medication is lost once it is synthesized in a laboratory. It is important for you to understand that. There is a great deal which cannot be recreated for health benefit and including the same ingredients on the label will not allow this essence to manifest in your body simply because you have swallowed a capsule.

Health should first be addressed not by a corrective pill or invasive action, no matter what disease you are currently embedded and no matter what cure is unknown to you by any means. It is important to know that any ailment that does not involve trauma can be overcome or prevented by the mind and by daily living practices that support your body and aid in its functions. There is a great deal that is offered in the market that does not support these goals and, in fact, is a direct conflict.

Important is nothing that is done instantly for the sake of health. As with all areas of life, that which is not corrected or addressed will return to you once it grows beyond the level which you can ignore. It is not necessary for quick relief, you must balance aspects of your life that allow harmony to exist between all areas, your health directly impacts all areas and it is important that without that support you know that all other areas will suffer. It can be done, what you desire, without the use of pills or procedures, but there is much time and dedication needed in these areas. Other practices such as healing and the properties within natures are important and can assist in your healing and maintaining equilibrium. This should be your focus. The potential problem exists that you will not find a suitable remedy to meet your needs simply because you are focusing on an area that requires other attention and a differing remedy from what you seek. It is important to bring all things in line and balance when concerning health. One aspect of being cannot be healed or changed without impacting all parts.

Libraries exist with cures and remedies but all manifestations take place in your mind and must be addressed. The malady is calling attention to your imbalance, your dis-ease. Misinformation exists on the safety of such a process, that the process of relying on the mind, relying on that which exists without society, that these are dangerous to you, that the clarity of these substances and processes cannot be trusted. It is important to see that what they speak in a method of discrediting other sources is very much true and prevalent in the methods they prefer you to use for any treatment. You cannot rely that which is created by man in an attempt to copy nature. Nature can be relied upon, that which is brought through man can be trusted. These are subtle differences in English but important labels in source that demand attention as this is what your health hinges upon.

Concerning trauma, it is important to say that there is more at work than a mere injury that breaks bones or damages organs. While it is important to you to correct this things the question to address is the reason this action has taken place. Just as ailments in the body presenting as disruption, what has happened in this life for this disruption to take place in this way? It is important to understand the balance of medicine and that which can impact your survival. If you are to survive, you will survive, if you are to suffer, you will suffer, if you are to leave this plane and move to the next, you will. There is no amount of magic potion that will aid your intervention between the divine and your will. It is important to understand that your true being has options beyond that of the physical and there may be times at which you decide to exit a physical existence of your own choosing. This is not important, what is important is that it is not necessary to ignore medicine. You may break a finger or an arm, you may have a cast to correct this problem. Do not simply carry out the mantra the medicine is unnecessary, that is the practice of medicine, simply based on what has been said thus far. As with all things you shall be the one that makes the decision concerning your life, there is no right or wrong answer, only cause and effect. What you choose for you may not be the correct choice for others. It is ipmortant to understand that there are not universal answers. Nothing is unique and yet it is all unique simultaneously. Ignoring bleeding or any other injury does not make it less important or lessen the potential lethal outcome, it is important to carefully select the manner in which you care for this injury with regard to selection of medication and treatment and the reason for that selection as well as focusing on what has happened to bring this event into the physical plane. So much is focused on recovery of the physical that any other aspect to human existence is ignored simply so the physical will survive. Survival and balance after trauma is only the beginning.


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