Tobacco companies

Are “big tobacco” companies a danger to society, just another learning process, or just greed?

There are many things born from greed that are a danger to those who choose to follow them and allow their products or ideas to be received on such a wide scale. We allow you to examine each detail and aspect of your life and choose it or dismiss it of your own free will. There is a danger in the sense that you know the potential cause and effect it will have on the body, those around you, and the feelings and emotions of others who see you use their products, does this appeal to you? This is not rhetorical in nature and we do not assume to ask this in the hopes that you will choose an answer which we already have in mind.

The information that has been shared about tobacco products was true just as it was true when this product first came into being to be used in this manner. With all things, this product can be taking the place of some other outcome or energy in the physical body. It is important to know that prior to widespread marketing, before industrial society, there were many cultures who used tobacco for ceremony only. It is with this great deal of care and energy that you should evaluate all things coming into or going out from your body. It is not necessary to have a ceremony before each cigarette you choose to inhale but it is this type of evaluation that a being should have before engaging in some experience that is part of human existence.

Life is full of renegades and many of them will bring new life into an organization or structure of reality, but there will always be groups or single beings who see an idea and wish to exploit it as a method for passing the time and filling the heads of others, simply so they will consume more product. This is the fault of no one, you are responsible for your mind and what you allow in it and what you allow to dwell there. Simply because a handgun is placed on your shelf does not mean that you will use it to shoot yourself in your physical body. This is true of tobacco products, simply because they exist they are not required to be used. Many products are put on the shelves of markets everyday and never last because they do not hold the interest of society. Marketing and promotion and protection is what certain industries have, no matter the level of intererest from the potential consumer. It is important to know that choosing to support a company is the method of giving the company your dollars and your time and energy. Changing society is then a matter of placing those efforts in a new direction.

Presently, there are many conglomerates and worldwide companies that were created as a corner store or a small operation. Great care was placed in the manufacture of good and services. Now there is a great deal of industrialized equipment used to generate greater profit revenue and further remove the human element from the creation process. Just as you should not clutter your mind with ignored thoughts, you should not be so removed from the source of any creation that you do not appreciate the effort and know the effort to create it. If it is necessary to mechanize a process what is the outcome What is the reason for it? There are many philosophers who have stated, “we could, but should we?” This is important to evaluate in all situations. While the method may exist for many things to be accomplished in a variety of ways, for what benefit should they be accomplished? Thousands of paper plates and cups are produced each minute of every day. Thousands of paper plates and cups are thrown in the trash or thrown by the roadside. What purpose is there in these products? What purpose is there in the mechanized process of refuse removal? – Another process from which man removes himself and attempts to ignore. No matter what thoughts you push from your mind they will return to you in greater strength until you process them.

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