Today’s channeled message from my spirit guides: Am I lost?


Where are we going? How do I fit into this puzzle?

These are questions asked by many beings in many situations. These questions come from fear. Fear of the self, fear of rejection, fear of identity – these are the true issues at hand, not simply an unknowing in terms of direction.

It is necessary for you to learn yourself and your true desires. We do not mean that you must learn what you have planned for this lifetime, we mean for you to understand that you must decide for yourself which position in life, what dreams, ambitions, what thoughts are yours?

You may fear rejection and worry that you need to fit within some greater hierarchy or structure, or even the structure of your social groups. When tasked with completing goals for benefit and pleasure of someone else are you happy? You are giving up your power, you are leaning on another being for support and direction. We do not mean for you to cease all communication, we mean for you to arrive at your own answers to your own questions. We are here to help you, to love you, but until you know your self you will be operating in the dark though you have millions of tools, resources, and experiences at your fingertips. It is not impossible to discover these things within yourself without the aid of some guru or book. Listen to yourself, your identity and the identity of all those around you is that of a being of light. It may take one person to understand this before change occurs but you must have one before you can have to, and you must have two before you can have three.

Important is nothing that does not come from your heart. Though it may involve another being, it may assist another being, it may seem to have no impact on you whatsoever, so long as the motivation and desire comes from your true self there will be no cause for alarm.

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