Evolve, learn from history


Today’s channeled message from my spirit guides:

We are not alone in our worry for you. It is important to once again speak on behalf of many beings. There is constant effort to brig the human beings into huber stages of development. While many have been reaching, with greater success, the higher planes, there is a great many who have yet to evolve beyond death and violence. It is possible, in any lifetime, to grow beyond your scheduled potential. It is time to take control of your evolution and seek higher wisdom and higher organization. No matter what you seek in this world it will continue to grow and continue to amaze the most brilliant minds among you, but without the full effort of everyone involved reaching for a higher objective, he destiny that shall manifest will be slow to show itself. It is important to understand that there are other beings on this plane, in your planet, in your planetary system, and beyond. The energy which you send out from your planet, the energy that many ignore and will not acknowledge its existence, you are damaging many other areas. This energy can be felt beyond what you can currently see with your current science. You will not grow until the human beings in existence exude a higher form of communication and process while having the experience of this life time.

You should make every attempt to pick and choose battles, but even this phrase means that there is some battle worth fighting for. Many causes are lost or are only sought for a few. The battles that should have been fought or should not have been fought have already take place. There is not enough education and focus placed on the history of the world. Segments of your history are briefly mentioned within learning institutions but nothing that speaks on behalf of the individuals is ever mentioned.

In war, heroes and victors are declared but a toll is taken on both sides. It may be quite sometime before this is experienced by any warri but it will be felt, in this lifetime or the next. The impact of war, beyond the superficial medals and the death toll should be shared. Your books often teach of events, not of learning what drove humans to the argument, to the fight, to the killing. No human benefits from learning a generic timeline which does not afford some offering of human experience. Currently, learning is focused purely on the physical, others see the superficial reward but not the non-physical impact on any party.

Record the story as those tell it once they have understood the ramifications of their actions. Do not stop to feed the ego along the way, do not continue to feed he ego, it will continue to be a burden if you do so.

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