Who is responsible?


We are the makers of all things, that is what many of you see. You are the creators. We are all creating. We all build with our mind and our energy. The need is great to put outside of you the responsibility of many actions. No matter of you consider the action positive or negative there are many who still place the action to the exterior of themselves. The problem is that by this method you do not see the implications your actions have had, the responsible party is always exterior to yourself, exterior to your world. It is important that you readily accept cause and effect with your being, physical and non-physical, the reality of any situation, and that is the situation being directly controlled and impacted by your decisions and actions, by your mind, and those same aspects of the being a who are in your world. There are other who act on your behalf or the behalf of others, but it is important to understand your role. You are not absolvable of any action simply because you feel you are, you are and you are not. There are no actions such as forgiveness of sin because here are no sins. There is no way to forget an action because all is recorded. To understand, simply view all actions and see them as the result of other actions. The the cause and impact of actions of individuals spread out like ripples in a pond. There are no good or bad ripples, they interact with one another, some amplify others, some decrease others.

You are living the result of other actions. This does not lessen the meaning of any action. It does not decrease any value of any action, emotion, or energy, they are all equally important. It is necessary to see that all is within you, all is created by you and others living in your world. Energy is combined, it is deflected, it is diminished, it can even be changed. You are not an island, you are not separate and isolated from others in your world or in any form you may take. You are the creator. You must work from within rather than seeking manifestations exterior to yourself so that you can give yourself permission to feel indifference about cause and effect that emanate from you or anyone else.

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