Today’s channeled message


Today’s message from my spirit guides:

We are not the guides that many interpret as angels, those beings exist but not in a biblical sense, though they shall appear to many in the form most accepted by the being. Typically, your guides will appear as travelers and it is possible that you will encounter them physically during your life. It is not always the case but the familiarity that you share with a stranger may be that of the physical presence of your guide. It is not necessary for the guide or spirit being to bring their being into a physical form in order to observe and assist, or to interact with you. It is important to know that all beings are capable of love without a physical body. This shall ease your mind when making a transition between worlds. That which is declared as uniquely human is, in fact, not specifically human. As a being of energy you are inhabiting this physical body. The senses you operate and receive from the body are dissimilar to your true body but the emotions you experience and the sensations you feel are very much your true self. It is not a matter of becoming an ethereal being in death, you are already this being. You will not become or transform to a being who has risen into the heavens who now sits in the clouds. You are a being and there are no fairy tales.

Do not be disheartened by this news, the world is no less spectacular because it is not what many believed it to be. Here are many stories regarding the life out of the physical and many of these stories are unique to the individual. No visual presentation is identical to beings making their return. Many stories and descriptions are give by physical beings for the same of comforting other physical beings regarding the transition of death. There is not a loss in this situation but not many have come yet to this knowledge, this is why such sadness exists. Your loved one is no farther from you than they are at their closest moment in the physical plane. They are not destroyed, as with all matter, it merely changed form.

It is not to worry, there is no need for worry. Open yourself to the possibility of communication and the connection will always be present. It is not always necessary to have a being versed in communication simply to act as a conduit. This will help many but many are capable themselves of the same work.

Do not fear death. This world you are in, this life you are experiencing, it is only temporary. The attachments to the physical, to the beings here, you will not need them and those who you wish to see, love, and care for have not been removed from you.

It is necessary to work within the self to create these skills and abilities or even simple understanding that these aspects of human and true existence are possible. They are not made impossible simply because someone commanded it so.

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