What lessons are available to us?

Channeled question and answer with my spirit guides:

What lessons or lesson types are available here? Why do we chose to come to this plane in this existence to experience them?

There is a manifestation of energy here not present in other realms for the purpose of education. There is a generation of energy that takes place here through the interaction and shear volume of learning experiences taking place. There is not much accomplished by reading if you cannot physically grasp the subject. Quite literally then it is necessary for you to engage in actions for the purpose of experiencing these emotions firsthand and realizing their benefit or detrimental impact on you and others who encounter them. It is important to realize that no matter your time spent here, in duration or what you fill it with, it shall be beneficial to you and others, ten fold, in comparison to that of learning in other areas where you shall reside.

The important aspects here are many. It is not simply love, compassion, not just these emotions. The understanding that these emotions are in each action and no matter your view, no matter the perceived action you take, these are the motivations in all actions, or the lack of their presence. It is important to understand your position and how it impacts others around you, by this we mean that no matter what you do you are always an example. No matter your action or reaction, your energy is a guide for others around you, for only moments they may see you, for years they may accompany you, but it is the group energy that is important and the energy of the individual, on a large and small scale. You have the ability to impact several and several also have this same potential. It is important to know that all reactions spread out from the point of action just as a drop of water in a large lake. All points of action have an impact larger than what many perceive. Many feel that they are alone and isolated, even for these beings this is not true. You may examine your mind to find the cause for these feelings but even your actions, even with you feel there is no benefit, no purpose, no one watching, they are serving as a guidepost for many others.

It is important to understand that no matter the method you chose to learn any subject learning always takes place when it is desired and study follows. The means do not justify the degree of learning, the intent of the individual is what determines the level of learning. It is important for you to know that there are many who do not seem to evaluate themselves and their actions, this is not necessarily a sign of a highly developed being or one who has a great deal of development left to take place before self evaluation. It is not for every individual to have introspection on this plane, to evaluate things deeply as they happen or nearly immediately after, there are many who will evaluate at a later time. Also, do not feel that you are burdened, not burdened, highly evolved, or less evolved than someone who is communicating with spirit guides, receiving extrasensory messages, or any other related skill. These skills are simply a matter of practice and development. They do share information whey they are truly working within their element, but often this can be compared to the skill of an athlete – they are an excellent athlete, this does not mean that they are exceptional in all areas of their life, though it also does not mean that they are not.

Peace and understanding, while these are objectives, while they are attainable, it is important to to work through the necessary motivations and energy in order to achieve it. Nothing done by force will be granted, learning these emotions and how they relate, and how all beings are connected through these emotions – it is important to learn. It is often very obvious your connection to all life when you are not in a physical body, but also it is often impossible to determine your beginning and your end. In a physical body you are defined as one being by the regular senses, while you should realize your greater connection, it is not important for development. Do not rely on higher powers or higher alternatives in order to live fully in this life. Do not hope for some higher purpose or power to nudge you before you grant yourself the happiness and peace that you deserve.

While these may sound like lofty ideas that are out of reach for many, the smallest emotion within your body that creates conflict is your true self telling you that you are not living in accordance to your self balance, to your true plan, and it will invite you to correct these actions. This previous statement is true and is important to say before we include, as in many areas, that not all paths include the same events for all beings, not all paths include the same type of events for all beings. A person may seem to be on a terribly negative path full of hate and anger, but it is possible that they are living the life that is in balance with themselves and their true self. While this is far from the truth in most cases, the external manifestation is often a mirror, or a window into the hate within the self, is should be used to illustrate the method by which all can live.

There are not specific tasks that should be done. There are not lessons in this manner. There are lessons within many actions, the energy within them is what is important. The resonating energy within all things is what is important. It is possible for two separate individuals, one living in an industrialized society, and the other living in a mud hut, to undergo the same level of lessons and personal development and growth. While one may have encountered these situations on a grassy plain, the other experienced them within the confines of the concrete city. Different energy will express uniquely to the individuals engaged in the activity. Often the groups with which you associate are groups that you have on the non-physical plane. If these beings were not known to you prior to your birth into this plane, they may have come to you because of the similar energy, similar life path. While you may not associate with them entirely on the non-physical plane you may have decided to do so immediately before your presence here as a method of understanding the skills and lessons that were to present themselves to you. You may experience different lessons within the same being and they within you.

There are not present lessons that are determined and assigned to specific areas. The only aspect that is often expected, though there is much effort to spread the energy types, is that those with similar plans, similar histories, they will gather and congregate. What is not often grouped together is which beings within a group are interested in maintaining their current state and which beings are interested in opening to new ideas, new aspects, new developments, new understandings.

While you may initially group together out of physical attributes, it will be after any understanding and development is actualized, that you group based on what you hope to achieve, rather than physical attainment or physical attributes.

Hoping for a harder life to bring you greater joy is not a difficult idea to maintain, but it is not a hard life, there are not obstacles that are difficult. There are expereinces to have. Often there would be no understanding if you believed you were living in a game, in a temporary situation. You are not given things to test your physical mettle by some exterior being, these are tasks that you have assigned yourself prior to your enlistment as a physical human being. Life is not as hard as what many make it. Learning is not difficult, it is the process of expectation on outcome that proves difficult for some when their outcome does not match their expectation. You cannot know the outcome, you would not be learning in the same manner within the physical if you knew all aspects. Your physical and non-physical bodies are connected and in this life they are dependent on each other, just as your need for knowledge and development and your need to be partially veiled from the future and previous cycles are dependent on one another.

Life will go on, no matter your beliefs now, there will be change in the future. Your purpose as a being, your true higher self, it is the sole purpose. Develop, grow – when you grow we all grow.

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