Higher education and learning

In regards to learning and higher education, is this the best way for humans to learn? If not, what can be improved? How should learning take place?

The true learning does not take place in a classroom. So many of your current classrooms fail to produce anything beyond the emphasis of memorization and recalling simply to produce test results. There is not much gained simply by memorization of facts. There should be the permission to study what the being finds useful, what the being is called to , what the being finds interesting. There is nothing more than sheet of paper being churned out by various institutions in order that you become more civilized and easily assimilated into the work force.

Understand, not all areas of study are in a deliberate way leading you to a vast summation of nothingness. It is important that a doctor, your medical doctors, be well-versed in the human body so that they too become well trained and practiced in their methods. You do not want a return to barbaric practices simply because someone has said your school system is not worth the effort.

The problem with all forms of study is that there is no emphasis on how to think , on how to bring in new ideas. All ideas are learned, you learn what has been done previously, you learn to follow rules and regulations, and you learn to simply continue what has been done. There is no emphasis on how to bring new ideas into being. There is so much time between the inception of an idea and the manner in which it can be finally implemented in society because of so many clinging to the ways that have come before them.

Your institutions are placing their emphasis on the production of test scores. All institutions. There are many that have connections for higher job placement, but it is what you are learning to do, learning to be placed within a job, no matter if you are the leader in that job, or connected to some high level of society, or you are a person thought to be in a lower form of work, you are being prepared for jobs. The ones who are less successful in jobs is often not because they aren’t trying, but they are not interested. There is no complete route, as it would seem, that is readily available to those who do not wish to pursue the current establishment in terms of advancing a paper certification for the attainment of a job in the work force.

Those who fight and resist learning are simply not ready to learn by the ways and means currently offered, and that is the problem, there is no alternative for many beings, there is no alternative, nor are they aware of an alternative. Parents and guardians currently send their children to the buildings that they attended simply because they believe they must do what was done before them.

It is quite possible for a being to learn all that is needed in order to live an happy and productive life, and after a specified time, they could attend a school of structured learning if they wished to pursue a more technical and advanced area. Even more widely stated and easily understood is that all things can be gained by your surroundings, too much there is knowledge regarded as power and those with the knowledge to not have the kind nature to share with those who wish to learn. It is easier to place that concern in the hands of others. It is possible for you to learn what is necessary in life and then to attend a study and practice center to show you the skills and lessons needed to enhance your life or to be productive sin some manner or form. It would suffice to say that you could attend these areas when you are not present in the mind and ready to learn at the time the structure was given, or if there simply were no methods for you to learn.

When education is allowed to develop in the individual, at the individual’s pace, in the areas the individual wishes them to take place, this is when there is a success. A basic understanding of the world is helpful, but it should be noted that the basic understanding of the world is often not taught by schools, it is taught by interaction and studying the world. What is taught is how to interact within society and in what manner you should be thinking. This provides no alternative to other practices. You are taught how to play by the rules, you are not taught the true nature, which is that laws that exist in nature are true, all others were created by man and will not provide you with the building blocks you need. Man made laws are temporary. There is no law created by man that will stand the test of time. Laws great and small are this way, one day murder is legal, the next day murder is illegal, the next day is is legal in certain circumstances or by certain authorities.

You are not taught these things in a learning environment. You are taught about events but not the true nature of events. We do not mean to say that reality is being shielded from you but only that there is not a deeper understanding o the events that took place. So much is removed from the situation to be stuffed into books to be later passed on to those who could care less, this is not a proper method of education. Study what you love, and what you desire, not simply what you wish to have added to your stack of papers so that you can be fulfilled in some other way. When the knowledge is gained that you truly desire and that which will benefit you and others, the appear will not be important. This is true as you learn about the world or learn medical practice, or some other technology. Anything you want to learn is at your fingertips but all learning takes place in the mind.

There is no universal method for teaching and learning, and as with most areas, this is where the conflict comes into being. There are widespread practices being carried out that only a few benefit from. The progress that hey can see is arbitrary, the grading method is not concrete, all is left to interpretation. What you need is for your mind to be open and to study as you will . This does not mean that you cannot benefit from such higher education and learning, but often those who have problems are simply not meant for this system, and because there is only one widespread system, there will always be problems and complications. You can go beyond school, you can learn because you desire to, not simply because you are being made to so that you can be successful by some long-term means. It is important to understand for yourself what it means to be successful.

Success in study does not mean that you have to sit for hours at a time memorizing facts. For some, this is necessary, for others it will not be. Do not be ashamed if you do not fit the criteria that is currently set forth. You will find your path and you will find your way. This is not simply an excuse for you to abandon all hope of education or that you should not learn. Simply, you should be willing to learn and understand a great deal but less emphasis should be placed on learning in the manner in which it is currently conducted or forced. True education comes when the mind is willing, and many know feel that once their higher education is complete, that they simply never need to open their mind again. This is also untrue. It is important, that until you leave our physical existence permanently, and even beyond, your true purpose, your universal purpose at all times, is to learn, grow, acquire knowledge, have new experiences, not cling to a repetitious patter for all of your days.

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