Question and channeled message from my spirit guides:

What are “walk-ins?”

A walk-in is a being who is here temporarily. As they term implies, there have been many who are here temporarily, who do not experience birth and death, who are here simply to experience a duration of time for some specific reason. It is necessary for many to accomplish these things in the manner that they do for their own growth and development but often when something is owed or undone from a previous life on which something greater depends, it is necessary for a being to bring into physical being this action. There have been many instances when a walk-in intervened in an incident and later was never found or seen again. This is often an example of a walk-in. It is not some great mystery. Life by physical means is simply a matter of bringing together the correct particles and atoms, and ions. It is not a matter of the stork bringing into existence the necessary arrival.

For many it is also possible that some are living as a shell of an existence. What we mean is that many are living without complete function over their body. Many are living passively, and so much so, so careless, so passive to their life, that a being is able to use their body in a manner beneficial to someone around them, to intervene, to, for a moment, inhabit the body and then leave again without the full taking over of the body in a long-term human physical sense. It is important to know that this is not a punishment, this is not a demon, but it is possible for this to take place. For many who reside simply in their own minds and not fully embracing their physical attributes, a walk-in is capable, with all authorities giving permission, to reside within the body and use it for brief periods.

A walk-in is not a demon or negative entity. It is no different than a tree that exists or any other energy being inhabiting any other physical form. It is a method of teach and understanding that which is necessary, often in brief instances and short moments when something must be done in a specific way on the behalf of many.

There may come a time when you believe that you have finished your work, this does not allow you a time to exit unless it has been determined to be a time for your exit. You will not give up the right to your body for another being to enter it unless it is decided that you must exit the physical plain completely. It is not an underestimation by anyone that this can or cannot exist, you will reside in your body, but there may be others who come and expedience it first hand while you are to the side of existence within your physical body. Do not be ashamed or worried that this has happened. It is simply a practice that has happened. You are not lackadaisical if this has happened, it can happen by predetermination. You will not give up your body so that another can occupy it for the remainder of your time here. You will not go before a court to have your place assessed or judged and your willingness to give up your place judged. It is not possible for you to leave your physical body and the being of another enter it.

The sensation that you have disappeared or that of when you leave your physical body and return can cause this sensation and cause some to explain it in this manner, but you will not leave your body entirely for it to be controlled by another.

It is necessary to say that you are not alone in your thinking nor is anyone else alone in theirs, the reason for this sensation, and the reason that many have decided that this practice takes place, the swapping of souls within a body, is because there are other tournaments that have taken place within the body that cause dissociation.

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